Villa Nare in the Villages

Looking for having a luxurious vacation? Are you in search of cozy house to live in and have private life for few days? A place where no one is there to disturb your zone? If yes, then the tiny houses of region Kas are to be discussed. The prominent one is Villa Nare in this location.

This house can host two guests at a time. The property of this tiny house includes a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, a garden, a backyard, and a wide swimming pool. And it’s pretty much for a tiny house.

If you’re suffering from depression, or a state of restlessness, have a break from your tiring routine, and go to the areas that appeal to you. In this regard, the villages near the region of Kas are the most recommended. The heavenly beauty there and the green serene environment of this area is the place that can give you the leisure of next level. You feel so light after having the outings to areas like this.

The only bedroom is organized perfectly in this tiny house. And has a queen-sized bed in it. The chic lamps are fixed on the roof above the bed. There’re side tables placed next to the bed on both sides. A classy dressing table is also set on one side of the room. The mirror is fixed on the wall, and a table is placed for arranging the things, and a chair to sit in front of the mirror.

A projector is there in the bedroom to have a chance to watch movies or anything that you may like. The screen is flexible and can be removed when not required. The jacuzzi is restored in the bedroom. The closet of this room is fine and tasteful. This tiny house has a plot for a washing machine, and you can wash your clothes there if needed.

Surprisingly Spacious Tiny House

This tiny villa has a bathroom also. This well-sophisticated tiny house’s bathroom has a toilet and a bath zone. There’re showers for taking bath and a vanity as well.

The living room is the first room of this tiny house when you enter. This is elegantly designed and managed. This room is furnished using amazing sofas. A table is placed in front of it and a very graceful mat is kept in the living room. All these things add to the beauty of this place. This room’s temperature is managed using an air conditioner. The theme of the interior of the house is black and white so, the ventilations are also covered with curtains of the same color.

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A corner of the living room is smartly architected into the kitchen. The kitchen has every service to make you feel at home. This kitchenette of a tiny house has a refrigerator, oven, a galvanizing sink, and an adorable countertop. Even this kitchen has a kettle to make coffee or tea for you. The racks are amazingly designed. Books and magazines are also placed there.

There’s a sparkling swimming pool. It’s facilitated with pool chairs where you can relax after swimming. These chairs can be concealed if you want. You’re provided with pool towels as well.

This house is lit up so amazingly that at night it looks like taking away your heart. There’s a secluded Jacuzzi for two people. And you can have the best of your time there. There’s a towel stand for hanging all your stuff. The wall-sized windows of this room give you access to the beauty spread around. This region of the house is lit up very well using bulbs and lamps.

One end of your garden is set as a section to dine. You can have a memorable breakfast there. Or you can plan a candlelight dinner there too. The choice is all yours. The whole area is covered through the sheet. There’re four chairs and a table there.

In the middle of the garden, there’s a sitting arrangement also. You can sit here to have a sunbath when you desire in winters. Or this could be the best place for a barbeque during the night. This tiny house has the grill and other essentials to do this. At one side of the garden, there’re swings for having fun.

If you’re planning your honeymoon tour, then this is the villa you can visit to enjoy your days and have a great trip for sure. Or you can come with your family.

The incredible feature of this house is that pets are allowed. You can take them with you to make your fun doubled. The location of this tiny house is close to the sea. It implies that you can have a visit to the beach there. The sunsets and the sunrises at the beach with your partner are not less than a blessing on this earth I think.

The natural surroundings of this marvelous zone are away from the rush and hustle of cities. A calm environment for you to have a peaceful tour and sound health.

Though the locality of this tiny house is rural, all the facilities are provided to the guests. Like there’s a market from where you can get anything you want and also many recreational places there.

The tiny house has a seating area outside the house where you can enjoy any game or spend time sitting with your loved one. In short, the whole house is a planned space to relish your trip. The rent of this unique tiny house is 57$.

Before ending this article, I’d recommend this placid place to you as you need to visit this piece of heaven on the land. You’ll feel much much better after this tour. The garden and the swimming pool of this tiny house are the characters that are most liked and loved. If you do wanna get rid of all the bursting thoughts of daily life, and wanna leave everything happening these days, plan a trip now.

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