Incredible Transformation! Old Water Tank Into A Tiny House

Tiny tree houses built on trees are everyone’s dream. But what if there aren’t any suitable trees around? Don’t worry, human imagination conquers all.

Ronald Tan decided to build a dollhouse for his children who could not go out due to the pandemic.

The playhouse that Ronald planned for his child has turned into a real house. Photo Courtesy of Ronald Tan

With the guidance of his wife, he started with the idea that the iron skeleton of the water tank in the garden might be suitable for this. The dollhouse project, which he started for his two children at first, later turned into a tiny house project.

The 2-storey tiny house is built on an area of 5.4 square meters. Photo Courtesy of Ronald Tan

Tan planned this tiny house with two floors. This tiny house he built on an area of ​​5.4 square meters is fully functional and fully equipped.

Tan hopes that the Tank House would act as an inspiration for others.

Although the house looks quite small from the outside, it is very useful inside. Photo Courtesy of Ronald Tan
The kitchen was kept very small, as the tiny house was not planned for full-time living. Photo Courtesy of Ronald Tan

In this mini house, there are dining area, kitchen area, comfort room, living area and reception area for the whole family.

The upstairs bedroom is very spacious. Photo Courtesy of Ronald Tan

There is a toilet and kitchen on the lower floor of the tiny house, and a bedroom on the upper floor. The whole family can fit comfortably in the house. They can even accept guests.

The sofas in the house were used as storage space for clothes and basic necessities.

Photo Courtesy of Ronald Tan

This tiny house with the items cost P200,000 (aprox. $4000).
Ronald Tan hopes that this tiny house he built will inspire those who are considering building their own tiny house.

Tan says that with a budget that starts at P60,000 (aprox. $1200) to P80,000 (aprox. $1600), a tiny house can be built in the Philippines, including a few items.

Photo Courtesy of Ronald Tan

“The Tank House” in Baguio City is open to those who want to see it and experience the tiny home life.

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