Windmill House with Aegean Sea and Magnificent Sunset Views

Wanna move away from the busy life of your city and tiring activities? Craving for vacations but don’t know where to go? Looking for a relaxing trip? If yes, then hold on! This article is for you.


The location of this El Viento Santorini Private Villa is Caldera of Megalohori. Megalohori is a hidden gem of Santorini. It’s a conventional village and lies in the center of the country of islands. This stunning village is situated in Greece.

It’s a place of classical tiny houses, historical monuments and has a collection of churches with bell towers. You’ll encounter a rich tradition of wine here. You are gonna enjoy the exposure of small passages there.

This windmill is hosted by a super host Petros. When you book the services of this tiny house, the whole windmill house will be yours. For this, you need to spend $1,144 per night. Booking Here.

El Viento is the most ancient windmill, and this house is recently renovated to provide the visitors with the best place to spend the holidays, having mesmerizing views of sunset and sunrise. This tiny house is located on the bank of the Aegean Sea.

The most astonishing feature of this cottage is that you can enjoy the cheerful views of the beach as a swell as you can avail yourself of the greenery on another side of the house. This makes the house stand out from the others and makes it easy for the visitors to choose the right place to visit for themselves.

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This astonishing house can occupy two guests maximum at a time. There’s only a single bedroom and a single bathroom. The kitchen is open and is located in the living room. There’s a balcony in this little villa. The house also has a backyard.


The bedroom of this tiny house is well furnished, having a queen size bed in it. The bed is very cozy and comfortable.

There’re two windows in this beautiful room, and both windows open towards the world’s most glorious and enticing scenes.

The lamps in the bedroom are hanging on the roof with the help of candleholders. There’re blankets and pillows in the room for relaxing sleep. A majestic chandelier is hanging on the roof in the middle of the room, which makes it more dreamy.

The TV s fixed in the bedroom and there’s access to free Wi-Fi as well for the visitors. In the room, there’s a mirror, and a table is placed in front of it. There’s a pot where you can place the fresh flowers to make this place more romantic.

This tiny house is gonna an ideal place as it does has a closet for your clothes management during your stay here. The closet also has hangers to hang your clothes.

The bedroom is on the first floor, and to go on the upper floor there’re stairs made up of clean and beautiful black marble.

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Living room

The ground floor of this tiny house has a living room. It contains a comfortable sofa. There’re cushions on this cozy sofa.

A table is present in front of the sofa. This living room is enlightened by very beautiful and unique chandeliers.


There’s an open kitchen in the living room. It has wooden cabinets. These cabinets contain many of the pots and essential things of the kitchen in them and there’s an amazing sink.

The Shelve in the kitchen is used to place the things and is made of marble.

There’s a kettle for the primary use of the visitors and also a refrigerator. The kitchen has a basket for fruits, other cookware, and spices for meal preparations. The coffee maker is also there.


It’s located next to the kitchen. The bathroom has a stylish washbasin in it.
There’s a mirror in the bathroom. The bathroom has light fixtures that add beauty to this place. There’s a shelf and a shoe rack in the bathroom.


Most of the visitors of this tiny house are lovers of the sunrise and sunset view from the balcony. Though, this scene is visible from every side of this villa. However, the view from the balcony is another level.

The balcony has a breathtaking view. There’s a wall of glass on the balcony to enjoy the whole view. You can enjoy your breakfast and coffee there.

The Security cameras are fixed in all the locations of this villa to ensure your safe journey. As this windmill is close to the beach, the team here provides the visitors with beach towels, umbrellas, and beach blankets for assistance.

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In this tiny house, pets are allowed. You can take them with you on this stunning trip. You’ll be back with tons of unforgettable moments and with the great experience of joy.

This villa is gonna be a private place as the team here respects your privacy, and this tiny house is also apart from the whole world. If you wanna be alone for some time, then this ideal place is the best choice ever for you. You’ll feel at comfort here.

I hope this article is helpful to you if you wanna hire the services of this tiny house.

The most demanding thing about this villa is the beach here and a refreshing morning with the sun-rise view. The thing you’ll never miss here is the morning walk and the deep breathes in the fresh air of this place.

Also, the breakfasts and the dinners here will be the most remarkable memories of your life.

Don’t miss this chance to explore the nature and book your trip now. Enjoy your journey!

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