Wood Textured Tiny House on Wheels

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We continue to discover for you. In today’s article, we will introduce tiny house on wheels.

Our house has many different features than other tiny houses. The tiny house has a weight of 15K lbs and an area of ​​275 Sq Ft. Wood veneer is preferred on the exterior of the house. Dark color transitions used in certain parts of the house add an aesthetic atmosphere. The different feature of the house from other tiny houses is a special opening deck and awning on the outside. It provided extra seating space to this tiny house. There is also a large dining table and bench hidden under the stairs inside the house. It has created an environment where you can host plenty of guests, have a pleasant meal and spend time together.

Wood and white color are preferred in the interior of the house. Everything in the tiny house is very thoughtful and designed. There is plenty of storage space in the house. This allowed the house to be both comfortable and useful. The house has a fully equipped kitchen. The kitchen has a stainless steel sink, a stainless steel refrigerator, a hidden dishwasher, a stovetop and oven combo unit, plenty of shelves and storage space. In the tiny house, a sliding door is used to separate the bathroom from the living area. The bathroom has a full size shower, power and standard flush toilet. White color has been preferred in the bathroom, making it a brighter and more modern space. Unlike other baths, this bathroom has a washer and dryer.

A special oak library staircase with special sliding equipment is used to reach the bedroom on the upper floor of the house. There is a king size bed in the bedroom. Wooden shelves used throughout the house are located in the bedroom.

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