Wood Veneered Tiny House on Wheels

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We continue to explore for you. Tiny house on wheels, where you can easily move the life to where you dream of today.

The use of wood texture and dark color transitions in the exterior structure of the house give the house an aesthetic and different structure. While the large rectangular windows on the sloping roof add depth to the house, they allow natural light to illuminate different points in the house.

White color is predominantly preferred for the interior decoration of the house. In other areas, dark wood is preferred. The color harmony of the products preferred throughout the house has provided the building with a modern and aesthetic design.

On the ground floor of the house, there is a sitting area, kitchenette, bathroom and toilet. There is a bedroom on the roof floor. A comfortable and wide seat is preferred in the sitting area. You can enjoy the view from the large window in the living area. In the kitchen, there is a large sink compatible with the wooden counter, stove, oven, refrigerator and many storage areas.

Open shelves are used in the interior of the house that you can use as decorative and storage areas. Another noteworthy area of ​​the house is the bathroom. It is designed in an extremely bright and modern style. Light colored tiles are preferred as the floor covering of the bathroom. In addition, a large shower, porcelain sink and composting toilet were used for the small house.

There is an extremely large bed in the bedroom in the attic of the house. You can enjoy the view from the windows on the roof and sides.

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