You May Not Notice This Tiny House In Nature

The most important feature of tiny houses is that they can be designed freely. Interesting designs emerge as much as the ability of your imagination. Going out of the ordinary life allows people to enjoy life more. Tiny houses provide many opportunities for creative design due to their size. Technological innovations are more easily applied to these houses.

The tiny house has an interesting design

Those of you who are interested in tiny houses must have interesting designs in mind nowadays. Let’s see if these interesting designs can compete with the tiny house we will talk about today.

Photo Courtesy of Ood House

Like all great inventions, this tiny house was born out of necessity. When two brothers, Jaak and Andreas Tiik, wanted to get away from the city and get in touch with nature, the designs they came across were traditional structures. All they found were old wooden cabins with small windows.

When they thought about it, they realized that there were people who thought like them. With this courage, they decided to realize the tiny house of their dreams. What came to mind was a house that would be an extension of nature. Now let’s examine this house.

The tiny house designed to be used in all climatic conditions

The first feature of the tiny house is that it can be used in any environment. From mountain peaks to a beach right on the edge of the sea. The strongest materials were used for this. The brothers are very assertive about this, saying that no tiny house is stronger than this tiny house.

Photo Courtesy of Ood House

The total usable area of the tiny house is 21.1 m2. The exact dimensions are as follows

  • Length 6.32 meters
  • Width 3.33 m
  • Height 3.13 m

The interesting feature of the tiny house is that all the exterior walls are covered with mirrors. This way it looks like a part of nature. In fact, it looks like it’s hiding under a cloak that doesn’t show. The UV coating on the mirrors reflects 97% of the daylight. This makes it easier to control the temperature of the house. Did it occur to you that birds might not notice this tiny house? They thought of that too. Birds can easily see this tiny house thanks to the UV coating.

Photo Courtesy of Ood House

The tiny house It can be installed quickly

The tiny house can be set up anywhere you want in just two days. When you prepare the area where the house will be installed, all you have to do is place an order.
The tiny house is manufactured in a customizable way. It can be connected to the grid or it can be produced off-grid. It is up to your will and imagination.

Photo Courtesy of Ood House

The tiny house consists of two parts. The first part is the living area where there is a sleeping area, a resting area, and a kitchen area. The heating of the tiny house, where a minimal design is observed, is provided from the ground. Thanks to its highly effective insulation, it is possible to live in this tiny house in all seasons of the year. The three walls are full-length glass, providing an immersive nature experience.

If you are interested in this tiny house, let us tell you the price. If you want a standard design, you can own this tiny house for 75,000 Eur.

Photo Courtesy of Ood House

Bonus: For 17.900 Eur you can order a 5,52 m2 sauna right next to the tiny house.

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