You Will Recharge in This Tiny House

Maybe you have been working in a busy work environment for a long time. Your days are as boring as they are tiring. Both your mind and body want a break.

I will now tell you about the tiny house where you will spend the vacation you have in mind.

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Come and experience tiny house living at its best. When you experience the minimal lifestyle, you will see how relaxing simplicity is and you will feel the stress slowly lifting from your body.

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Tiny house on a large plot of land

This tiny house is in Oklahoma. This luxurious tiny house with panoramic views overlooking Oklahoma is built on a large shared plot of land. There is a large deck right in front of the tiny house made entirely of wood. At night, you’ll enjoy sitting on the deck by the fire, gazing up at the vast star-filled sky, and you’ll never have to think about your busy work.

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The view from the deck is spectacular.

You enter our tiny house from the deck by climbing a few steps up a wooden staircase. When you look at the house from the deck, you can see huge windows and a masterful wooden door. It has a fairytale look.

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Rustic design

When you walk through the door, you are greeted by the rustic look of the interesting wood. Although the wooden floors on the walls are painted white, the floor and ceiling are left in their natural state. This image immediately tells you that the house is special.

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With very good planning, the space problem has been eliminated

Our tiny house consists of one room and is a modest size. The interior is so well planned that it distorts your perception of the size from the outside and the size inside.

The Seating area

When you enter, the first thing that greets you is the seating area. There is a large leather sofa, a TV and a specially designed coffee table. There is also an air conditioner that can be used in all seasons as comfort is at the forefront.

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The Sleeping area

Just beyond this is the sleeping area. There is a double bed in the sleeping area. Under the bed is a storage area. Its design is as interesting as its functionality. Since the ceilings are high, a mezzanine was built in this area, accessed by a wooden staircase, which can be used as an extra bedroom or as a storage area.

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The Bathroom

There is a separate bathroom and toilet right next to this section. The tiles and furniture have a farmhouse feel. There is also a large shower area.

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The Kitchen

The kitchen is not much different from the kitchen in a normal house. It has many cupboards and drawers. If you are skilled, there is nothing you can’t cook in this kitchen. You can easily access all kinds of tools and equipment.

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Your dream vacation is in this house. Maybe it will even inspire you to change your lifestyle from now on. If you want to see this house up close and get to know it, you can rent it for $100 a night.

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