Filipino Transformed Old Jeepney into Two-Story Home – Philippines

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Price: $77 per night

Jeepneys are a regular mode of public transportation in the Philippines but they are headed for an uncertain future following the country’s public transport modernization plan to go eco-friendly by the end of 2020. With a vision to give a new lease of life to the Jeepney, Michael Go of Ardent Design Studio has created a Filipino-themed version of a campervan home using the Jeepney in Balai Tanay, Philippines.

Michael purchased an old Jeepney that was being sold in scrap. It was barely running and had no papers. The mechanical parts including the engine were sold and the rust-damaged body was repainted for a pleasing look.

There is an access door at the back to enter inside the Jeepney home. There is a small living room and sleeping area indoors. The coolest aspect of the Jeepney campervan is the addition of another floor on the roof that accommodates a queen-sized bed.

The access to the loft is by a small ladder through a portal cut out from the roof. The loft is surrounded with awning and jalousie windows.

The campervan doesn’t have a kitchenette and bathroom onboard, instead, along with campfire pit and a kiddie pool they are located just outside. An air-conditioning unit, refrigerator, sink, and outlets are included in the tiny house for added convenience.

Jeepney isn’t movable, there are steel posts fixed from chassis to the ground for stability. The campervan makes magnificent use of bamboo in construction and decoration. The walls and gabled roof on the upper floor as well as the ceiling and flooring on the main floor are made from bamboo.

This Jeepney conversion has innovatively incorporated all the amenities a residence has, setting up an example for others looking for affordable housing alternatives in the Philippines.

It is currently listed on Airbnb for people to book for $77 per night. Michael informs us “I also use the Jeepney when needed.” Build at a cost of approximately $4,000, including the beds and appliances, the camper was featured on ‘Amazing Earth’ a local show in the Philippines.

Source : HomecruxAirBNB

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