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They Built a Tiny House for Less Than $6000

You'll see how a family managed to build an entire tiny house for less than $6000.

$4350 turns an Abandoned House into a Stunning Tiny Home!

This abandoned house was transformed into a stunning tiny home on a shoestring budget! Get inspired to renovate your own property.

How This Couple Built Their Own Vertical Tiny House

This tiny 5-storey house is a perfect example for those who want to downsize but don't feel like they need give up all their space.

They Built Their Dream $35k Tiny House on Wheels

You can build a tiny house yourself. This will make your home more economical and of higher quality. But how will this happen?

10 Well-Designed Tiny Houses That Will Strike Your Imagination

In recent years, especially last year, due to the pandemic, sustainability has gained more importance in our lives. We now consider sustainability, which we...

How They Transformed a Rusty Tank into a Tiny House

Looking for some tiny house inspiration? Look no further! This post showcases the amazing transformation of a rusty tank into a beautiful and functional tiny home.

This Abandoned House Became a Refuge for the Family

This tiny house was abandoned and in disrepair, but the family that bought it turned it into a refuge.

How The Couple Built a Submarine House for $20,000

This is the incredible story of how a couple managed to build their own submarine house for just $20,000. It's a remarkable feat, and the finished product is amazing!

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