The Blue Cone – Sweden

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Today we will show you tiny house from Sweden.

The Blue Cone is built around ease and simplicity, both when it comes to material choices and design. With its spaciousness and beautiful view, it is a highly appreciated room.

The room is a traditional wooden construction with three pillars on the ground, to give sense of height and lightness whilst also providing stability. The terrain below the room is sloped, which adds to the sensation of being high up.

The long, lightly sloping ramp from the other side of the building up to the entrance means that the room is accessible also to those of you who have a disability. In addition, the room has an extra spacious and thus accessible toilet. 

All of the Treehotel tree rooms have incinerating toilets and our sustainable Rukkamoinika water system with 3 litres of water for washing your hands.

Inside the room you will find a double bed where you can wake up with the spectacular view at your feet. A reflective mirror behind the bed doubles the view. You can sit in front of the large window and enjoy the surrounding environment. The room also has a sleeping loft with two single beds.

The exterior consists of pinewood shingle, a material traditionally used to cover the roofs of old houses in the area.

But how come a room named the Blue Cone is bright red? There are many stories behind the name. One is that architect Thomas Sandell used Blue Cone as a working name but that he, during the process, found a red colour so beautiful that he decided to go with that instead. Another is the fact that Mirrorcube was going to be its nearest neighbour, which meant that he felt it needed a different colour to stand out more.

If you ask us, the colour is beautiful and the brightly colourful, natural material is a perfect contrast to the smooth, shiny surfaces of the neighbouring room.


  • Construction Year: 2010
  • Architect: SandellSandberg
  • Designed for 4 people. One double bed and two single beds on the loft.
  • Construction companies: Svartlå Byggkonsult
  • Lighting: Atelje Lyktan

More Details : Tree Hotel

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