Treehouse with Amazing View

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Every day we look for tiny houses with different models and structures for you. The house has amazing views over Chelan lake in  State.

This magnificent house is located on the seven branches of a silver maple. The homeowners wanted a house where they could relax, play and enjoy the magnificent view with their family. With its structure that resembles a bird’s nest, we can say that it is the real life equivalent of a fairy tale.

Thanks to the wooden coating used in the interior and exterior of the house, it looks like an extension of the tree. The magnificent landscaping made on the outside of the house was made by the homeowners.

All the details preferred at home are in harmony. The cedar branches used in the railings of the stairs that provide access to the deck of the house are the best example of this.

In addition, there is a jumping area and a suspension bridge in the lower part of the house to spend pleasant family time. The area can be controlled from the ground window in the house.

There are two decks on the outside of the house where you can enjoy the view. It draws attention with its wooden chair and table design on the deck.

Inside the tree house, there is a dining area, kitchen, sleeping area and sitting area in the curved area. The striking sink in the kitchen of the wooden house is made of petrified wood.

The interior of the house is in harmony with the whole house with the use of lighting made of tree branches, mirrors and objects. We can call this tree the definition of paradise on earth.

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