A Comfortable 161 sq ft Cabin

Nestled amidst the embrace of nature, a charming small cabin beckons with its alluring presence. With a total expanse of 161 sq ft, this cabin is a symphony of design, craftsmanship, and functionality. Let’s embark on a journey through its captivating features.

IMAGE Courtesy of New Reenich

Architectural Marvel on a Refined Foundation

Rising gracefully on a high foundation, the cabin boasts a unique elevation that elevates it above the ordinary. Crafted meticulously, the foundation stands 30 cm above the ground, comprised of steadfast steel pipes embraced by the embrace of concrete. It sets the stage for a wooden wonderland where craftsmanship and nature converge.

IMAGE Courtesy of New Reenich

Where Floor Meets Terrace: A Scenic Symphony

The cabin’s foundation doesn’t merely offer structural integrity; it doubles as a sprawling terrace that extends an invitation to embrace the outdoors. This expansive terrace effortlessly transforms into a harmonious living and dining space, where cherished memories and serene moments intertwine.

Steel Elegance: A Frame of Resilience

The very essence of the cabin’s framework embodies strength and grace. Forged from a robust steel construction, it forms the core of the cabin’s endurance. But beneath this exterior, an intimate cocoon of warmth is created, where every nook and cranny celebrates coziness.

IMAGE Courtesy of New Reenich

Immersed in Seasons: An Oasis of Comfort

Regardless of the season, this cabin offers an enchanting retreat. Thoughtful insulation envelops the sturdy steel skeleton, harmonizing its interior with the ever-changing outdoors. From the sun-kissed summers to the snow-kissed winters, this abode stands as a testament to year-round serenity.

IMAGE Courtesy of New Reenich

Where Nature Meets Craftsmanship: Aesthetic Fusion

The exterior of the cabin is a masterpiece of artistry, merging wood and metal materials into a symphony of aesthetic splendor. With a design that marries elegance and substance, this cabin resonates with those who value both visual appeal and lasting quality.

Seamless Harmony of Space: Intimate Luxury

Step inside, and the cabin reveals itself as a single-room sanctuary, ingeniously designed to maximize every inch of space. A spacious sleeping area, adorned with a lavish double bed, dominates the room while maintaining an open and airy ambiance. The wooden parquet flooring and soft gray plasterboard walls create an atmosphere of tranquility and refinement.

IMAGE Courtesy of New Reenich

Culinary Elegance in a Cozy Nook

A culinary corner, nestled with finesse into one corner of the room, unveils itself as a miniature culinary haven. Complete with a microwave and petite kitchen accouterments, it is a testament to how small spaces can harbor grand possibilities. The adjacent table, serving as both a dining haven and a workspace, offers versatility in its finest form.

Elegance Enveloped: A Modern Bathing Oasis

The door that beckons from the room leads to a modern haven of rejuvenation – the bathroom. Thoughtfully designed, it houses a toilet, shower area, and a graceful sink. This space radiates modernity and comfort, completing the harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetic finesse.

IMAGE Courtesy of New Reenich

Embark on a journey into the heart of this petite cabin, where architectural poetry meets nature’s embrace, and find yourself lost in the captivating world of enchanting tranquility.

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