An Ohio couple turned a grain silo into a 500 sqft tiny home on a $100,000 budget

In the verdant expanse of Hocking Hills, Ohio, the ingenuity of repurposing has been showcased through the transformation of a grain silo into a distinctive tiny home. Known as the Silo Cottage, this unique abode is the brainchild of owners Matt and Shelley Carter. Bearing an impressive 25-foot ceiling, the space is artfully designed to maximize comfort in a 500-square-foot footprint and reflects a blend of rustic charm with modern amenities.

The Carters, who helm the Hocking Hills Cottage Company, have added the Silo Cottage to their repertoire of tiny homes available for those seeking a novel retreat. With its inviting interior that comfortably accommodates two guests and includes facilities like a bedroom and a bathroom, the cottage stands as a testament to their vision and dedication. Its construction, priced at approximately $100,000, underscores a commitment to quality and sustainability that resonates with the values of the growing tiny home movement.

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Construction Timeline of The Silo Cottage

The Silo Cottage, a quaint residence nestled within the serene Hocking Hills of Ohio, materialized over a span of fourteen months. With a budget pegged at roughly $100,000, the unique structure stands as a testament to the Carters’ commitment and financial investment, mostly self-financed. Prior to the debut of the Silo Cottage, the crafty duo had already gained experience by creating two homes from shipping containers, expanding their repertoire of unconventional dwellings.

Northern Ohio’s Amish Assistance with Grain Silo Project

In the agrarian expanses of Ashland County, a couple located a secondhand grain silo, a staple structure commonly associated with the area’s robust grain cultivation. Transporting such a sizable structure is no small feat, hence the couple enlisted the support of the Amish community known for their expertise in traditional craftsmanship. The Amish were instrumental in disassembling the silo, a critical step before transportation could commence.

  • Dismantling Team: Amish community members, Matt, Shelley, and close associates
  • Destination: Hocking Hills
  • Construction Experience: Third tiny home project; previous projects involved shipping containers
  • Construction Challenges: Unique building shape, requiring work around circular designs

Matt humorously remarked on the intense labor involved, citing a moment of doubt midway through the effort. However, this choice reinforced their aim to achieve a distinct and innovative home construction.

The Silo Cottage Construction Misconception

Contrary to popular belief, The Silo Cottage features wood-framed extensions rather than shipping containers flanking its sides. These structures, which contain the sleeping and bathing areas, were constructed with traditional stick-building techniques using studs. This approach not only provides strength but also achieves a unified look with the Carters’ previous tiny home projects, Nova and Luna.

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The Unique Challenges of Constructing the Silo Cottage

In the midst of transforming a grain silo into a habitable space, Matt and Shelley Carter encountered significant challenges, particularly due to the cylindrical shape of the structure. The circular design posed an unexpected challenge during the renovation, especially when it came to framing the interior with studs. Matt recounted that constructing walls without the guidance of corners required a reevaluation of typical building measurements, leading to a mentally taxing process. This task forced him to assemble the walls, disassemble them, and then reassemble once more to achieve a functional layout.

Additionally, the installation of plumbing and electrical work demanded inventive solutions to integrate these systems seamlessly into the unique structure of the Silo Cottage. Conventional methods had to be adapted for the atypical curves and absence of corners, emphasizing the complexity and novelty of this architectural endeavor.

Challenges in Drywall Installation and Ceiling Craftsmanship

Matt faced notable challenges while installing drywall due to its inflexibility to conform to the circular design. Additionally, achieving a complete ceiling with tongue-and-groove boards required precision, leading to a laborious process of making 867 individual cuts to ensure a proper fit beneath the 25-foot ceilings.

Crafting Their Own Petite Abode

Shelley and Matt Carter embraced the challenge of constructing The Silo Cottage—a quaint tiny home situated in Hocking Hills. Matt Carter, actively involved in their own construction company, undertook essential tasks such as plumbing and electrical installation, with Shelley contributing significantly to the project.

The couple finds a deep sense of satisfaction in creating and designing homes—a passion that reflects in their meticulous work. Their series of home projects, including their latest tiny home, have been financially rewarding. Success with the Hocking Hills Cottage Company has enabled them to invest in a sprawling 106-acre farm located merely two miles from their charming cottages.

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Contemporary Living Space with Wooden Elegance and Kitchen Contrasts

In this one-bedroom abode, the central gathering area exudes sophistication with pristine hardwood flooring and white walls that serve as a canvas for the cozy furnishings. An eye-catching chandelier casts a warm ambiance over the seating arrangements, forming a delightful area for relaxation.

Adjacent to the living zone, the kitchen showcases bold black cabinetry. This culinary corner is defined by a striking tiled accent wall, presenting a harmonious blend of style and function. A duo of chairs and a table nestled within this space invite intimate dining experiences.

Completing the interior’s charm is the cedar ceiling, whose natural tones harmonize with the induction stovetop, emphasizing a refined, yet neutral palette. This design carries on to an inviting porch, proposing a seamless extension of tranquility.

Entertainment and Warmth Coexist in the Living Space

  • Entertainment Hub: Central to the living space, a smart TV is mounted.
  • Warmth Source: Below the TV, an indoor fireplace provides warmth during cooler seasons.
  • Coherent Design: Black wood paneling forms the backdrop for both the TV and fireplace, in line with the home’s theme.
  • Seasonal Appeal: The fireplace is not just decorative; it plays a key role in attracting winter bookings.
  • Modern Amenities: The abode boasts an array of features, from Wi-Fi to a full kitchen setup, ensuring comfort regardless of the season.

Bedroom and Bathroom Placement

The Silo Cottage provides a distinct spatial arrangement; the bathroom sits across the residence from the bedroom. This bathroom features:

  • Hardwood flooring that continues from other areas
  • A unique gray wallpaper accent on one side
  • Exposed sections of the silo’s original structure
  • Standard amenities: shower, vanity mirror, and toilet

Expansive Backyard Retreat with Leisure Amenities

The sprawling outdoor area of the 106-acre farm is well-appointed, showcasing features like a hot tub and a pair of individual porch swings. A gravel trail meanders to this inviting relaxation space, symbolizing a seamless blend of leisure and nature.

Matt and Shelley’s Joy in Guest Feedback

Shelley Carter treasures the positive impact their unique lodging, The Silo Cottage, has on visitors. Recounting experiences where guests have praised the cottage as an idyllic retreat complete with creature comforts like a hot tub, swings, and a grill, Shelley discerns these reviews as affirmation of the effort they’ve invested.

The personal touches Matt and Shelley incorporate are often highlighted by guests, reinforcing the couple’s commitment. They believe that the cottage embodies their hard work and dedication, and in guest feedback, they find their reward. For the Carters, each review serves as a testament to a journey that has been transformative, both for them and for those who stay at The Silo Cottage.

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