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Black Tiny House on Wheels with a Modern Design

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Today we will tell you about a project of tiny house builder Fritz Tiny Homes. We can say that this tiny house on wheels is one of the best examples with its aesthetic design, modern style and well-chosen materials.

Black metal coating and matching wooden siding are used on the exterior of the house. The materials used in the exterior of the house have a robust structure that does not require maintenance. Another prominent detail on the outside of the house is the windows. There are 9 windows in the house to save more natural light.

The glasses used in the building are chosen in an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient manner, just like other materials. Glass-fiberglass windows are preferred, which are durable and provide longer usage.

The whole structure of the house is designed differently from the standard tiny house on wheels.
The sloping structure used on the roof creates an aesthetic appearance when viewed from the outside, and creates depth in the interior of the house. In the interior design of the house, the perfect harmony of white color and wood texture draws attention.

There is a large and comfortable seat in the main seating area. There is enough storage space, refrigerator, stove and oven in the kitchen. There is an extremely large bed on the upper floor.

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