Mooble House Mo:1 – Turkey

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Today we will show you tiny house from Turkey.

Mooble House Manifest

Humans have lost their bond with nature quiet some time ago. We have created a virtual world, which we believed that consuming more brings happiness.

Mooble House is calling you back to Nature, where you belong. We are inviting those who believe that happiness comes with living simpler, to join the Mooble House family.

Mooble House Mo:1 is manufactured in different dimensions and layouts. Click to choose the layout that fits best to your needs and
take a price offer.

Technical Specifications of Mooble House Mo:1

  • AL-KO components
  • Hot Dip Galvanized (Z275/G90) performance steel chassis
  • Hot Dip Galvanized (Z275/G90) performance steel superstructure construction
  • Natural Birch plywood wall and ceiling coverings
  • Natural Birch kitchen and fixed furniture
  • Roof and Facade heat insulation 50mm XPS/PU, 0,030≤λ≤0,035 W/mK,
  • Floor heat insulation 80mm Mineral Wool 0,035≤λ≤0,040 W/mK,
  • Thermowood Finland pine front and rear wall coverings
  • LEED certified Eco friendly mechanical equipment
  • Halogen Free 12Volt and 220Volt Electrical Wiring
  • Halogen Free 220Volt Electrical Wiring
  • 65mm heat-insulated aluminum door and window joinery

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