Nolla A Frame House

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Today we will talk about the 9 m2 A-frame house named Nolla, designed by Finnish designer Robin Falck, on the island of Vallisaari, off the coast of Helsinki.

Nolla (= zero), the wooden cabin that represents the approach to living, where the focus is more on the outdoors. It is a unique experience for the relaxing environment of nature, purifying from the surpluses brought by life.

As in the design of the cabin, sustainable products were preferred during the construction, how to live with less. Nolla was built with materials found in the environment and nature in all respects, such as local pine and plywood.

When viewed from the outside, the solar panels placed on the classic A-frame roof draw attention. Electricity requirement of the cabin is provided in this way.

In addition, although there is no infrastructure on the island, there is no bathroom in the closed area. All toilet needs are met in an outdoor space.
The front of the cab is covered with a glass panel in order to benefit from natural light and enjoy the unique view.

The minimalized style is also reflected in my interior. There are two camping beds in the cabin. There is a wallas stove that is used both for heating the cabinet and for cooking. In a period when consumption is increasing, it is the right address to return to nature and rest.

More information can be found here.

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