Tiny House with High Ceiling Surrounded by Glass

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We love to share innovations, new styles and ideas in the small home stream. Our house for today is RoadHaus, which can be assembled in a number of different configurations to suit your specific needs. The RoadHaus project is a smaller version of Wheelhaus’s Wedge.

RoadHaus 250 sqft is designed to serve a variety of uses as it can be a small residence with a stylish appearance on wheels.

Dark metal coating is used on the exterior of the house to protect you from harsh weather conditions and sun. The roof of the house is designed with a slope and dark metal coating is used. Complete glass is preferred for the coating of the upper areas with different and wide ceiling heights. In this way, a bright and spacious environment was created at home by taking advantage of natural light.

The sliding glass door on the outside of the house provides access to the interior of the house. There is a sitting area at the entrance of the house. The paintings and accessories in the living area and the lighting preferred throughout the house reflect the modern style of the house. The sofa located in front of the wall mounted TV has created a functional seating area for the tiny house. The house has a fully equipped kitchenette with refrigerator, microwave oven, two-burner stove. In the kitchen, a wooden textured counter, which is compatible with dark cabinets, is preferred. The shelves used in the kitchen area have created extra storage space for the home. In the bathroom, there is a metallic colored tiled shower, washbasin and toilet.

In the last part of the house, there is a bedroom. There is a double bed in the bedroom. There is a wall-mounted TV opposite the bed. Thanks to the white color preferred in the bedroom and the glasses at the top, it has a more spacious appearance.

Although the house is small, a veranda is designed for you at the front. Some parts of the house are designed to be changed according to the needs of the customer.

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