Tiny House with Sky View

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We continue to search for different concepts and different structures for you. We will tell you about the magnificent Panorama Glass Lodge, where you will have the pleasure of sleeping and waking up under the stars. The cabin is located half an hour outside of Iceland’s Reykjavik region.

In Panorama Glass Lodge, you can have a romantic getaway in the heart of nature or choose it as a honeymoon stay.

Wooden coating is used in the outer structure of the cabin. Metal coating suitable for wood texture is used on the roof and windows of the cabin.

The interior of the cabin is designed extremely useful and modern. The cabin includes a fully equipped kitchen, dining table, bathroom, toilet and a custom-made bed.

Another remarkable feature of the cabin is that the area where the bed is located is covered with glass panels. It allows you to wake up in the heart of the magnificent nature. At night, it allows you to watch the stars from the glass panels on the roof and have unforgettable times.

You can relax against the nature view in the outdoor jacuzzi or sip your wine in the sitting area on the wooden patio. Each area is special for you and includes privacy.

If you want to enjoy the tiny house in this magnificent environment, you can access the page here.

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