Unique Tiny House Combining Japanese and Scandinavian Style

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We continue to discover for you. Our tiny house on today’s tour is from Swannanoa, North Carolina, USA.

Today we will show you a unique tiny house located in Swannanoa, North Carolina. We see Japanese and Scandinavian influences in this 400 square-foot structure.

While the dark side of the house has a Japanese-inspired decoration, the long and bright side reflects Scandinavian inspirations. Although two different country styles were used in the design of the house, the harmony of these minamalist designs is quite successful.

The tiny house, which has an open space concept design, has beautiful and useful corners. These have different levels and different shades of wood. Black walnut is preferred in the breakfast corner near the front door and kitchen. The penthouse above the kitchen is used as a tea floor.

High-ceilinged architecture and large windows were used in the living area of ​​the house. In addition, a cherry tree was chosen to make the interior even more airy.

Most of the house, called The Nook, is built from pieces of dead or fallen trees.

Located in a magnificent location in the heart of nature, ‘Nook’ is a very unique tiny house with its interior and exterior design.

Nook is a 15-minute drive from Asheville city center. Guests can rent it on Airbnb for $158 per night.

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