Tiny House with Green Pavement Floating Through the Trees

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Every day we see different tiny house structures.

The cabin, which we will talk about today, draws attention with its structure that emphasizes nature, minimalism and serenity. The house, located between the forest and a wide bush, is designed to be in harmony with nature.

It looks like a part of the forest, especially with the green color coating and wooden details surrounding the house. Solar panels are placed on the pitched roof to make maximum use of solar energy.

There are many windows of various sizes on the outside of the house. The dark color coating used on the windowsills provided a modern and stylish appearance.

There is a large veranda at the front of the house where you can enjoy the nature view. The house is separated from the veranda by a dark glass panel door.

Wood and black colors are preferred in the interior of the house. It has adapted to nature with the wood coating preferred inside.

Everything in the small house is very functional. This made the house both comfortable and useful. There is an extremely large seating area opposite the glass panel door.

The colorful pillows used on the dark seating area add a warm atmosphere to the house. There is a kitchen right next to the living area.

Although the kitchen is small, it is designed to be extremely useful. There is a large dining table hidden under the dark kitchen counter.

The house has an extremely large queen size bed. There are large windows on the sides of the bed. In this way, you can enjoy the magnificent forest view from your bed.

By choosing the dark color bathroom used throughout the small house, the house has been integrated.

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