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Wonderful Prefab Tiny House

Hi everybody

We continue to explore for you. Our tour today, minimalist tiny home.

We love to share examples of the tiny house movement with style and ideas in the world. One of the most beautiful Tiny house projects we shared before is Minimalist Tiny Home.

You can order this tiny prefab cabin for under $22K and place it anywhere you desire.

Mono is the culmination of years of engineering and design, with every detail meticulously planned, and every material tirelessly sourced.

The interior of the tiny house is simply and conveniently decorated. The layout of the materials in the house is very well done, which makes you really rest. The little retreat measures nine feet wide, 12 feet high, and 16 feet across, including a four-foot covered deck.

These measurements are intentional, as they require no permits in most of North America. The compact structure uses a single-engineered truss frame that makes it capable of withstanding harsh weather, from heavy snow, to downpours, to heat.

More information can be found here.



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