Couple Build A $10,000 Off-Grid Tiny House on Wheels

Are we the real owners of the resources we use to meet the energy we need today?

Of course, it does not belong entirely to us, and future generations also need these resources.

It should be a human duty to steer towards sustainable energy sources without consuming these finite resources, which are also the right of future generations. Although it takes some effort to do this, it is actually not difficult at all, here is an example that will inspire you:

Glade, Cloe and their two children. – Photo Courtesy of Living Big in a Tiny House

Glade and Cloe envisioned a more basic life with sustainable resources for themselves and their two children, where they could spend more time together and be closer to the ground. So they could set up their own farms and produce most of their organic food.

There is a small playground for children right next to the tiny house.- Photo Courtesy of Living Big in a Tiny House

So Glade and Cloe built a tiny, off-grid home on wheels on 12 acres of land in just outside of Melbourne, Australia.

This tiny house gets all its energy from solar panels that cover almost all of its roof.

These 4kW solar panels enable 36 kW batteries to be filled. Thus, uninterrupted electrical energy is provided.

The solar panels on the tiny house provide the couple with all the energy they need for free.- Photo Courtesy of Living Big in a Tiny House

This energy is at a level that can meet all the energy of the construction workshop established on the same land, apart from running all the electrical appliances used in the house.

It’s not just the solar panels that draw attention in their tiny house, but Glade and Cloe used almost all of the materials they used to build this house, using recycled construction materials.

The couple did not receive any outside help in the construction of the house.

Therefore, the entire construction cost of the house, excluding the solar energy system, was a very reasonable AU$10,000.

This tiny house, which uses wood as the main material, consists of a single room and two mezzanine floors.

The very spacious kitchen of the tiny house.- Photo Courtesy of Living Big in a Tiny House

One corner of the room is reserved for the kitchen. The kitchen has all the appliances found in a normal home.

The other corner is used as a bathroom. The sink in the bathroom looks very stylish on the wooden cabinet.

Master bedroom – Photo Courtesy of Living Big in a Tiny House

The first of the mezzanine floor is used as the master bedroom.

The interior decoration of the house is completely dominated by wood. – Photo Courtesy of Living Big in a Tiny House

It’s accessed by a rather elegant staircase with plenty of storage underneath.

Children’s room – Photo Courtesy of Living Big in a Tiny House
Stairs – Photo Courtesy of Living Big in a Tiny House

The second mezzanine floor is reserved for children, and a modest sitting area is created under the stairs leading up to this place, where they spend time together.

The house is in a perfect location among the trees. – Photo Courtesy of Living Big in a Tiny House

In the garden of the house, there is a large log dining table and wooden seats where they ate together. In addition, a playground has been designed where children can spend time.

Glade, who made this tiny house out of wood, is actually a stonemason.

Planning to build a tiny stone house on the same land in the future, Glade is currently sharing his experiences with people in the workshop he has set up right next to his house.

Working from home, Glade can devote more time to her family and has a great opportunity to share life’s little moments with them.

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