120 Square Meter Tiny House Will Blow Your Mind

In the enchanting region of Valle de Bravo, a remarkable architectural gem has emerged – the 120 square meter tiny house. This extraordinary project was conceived as a restful getaway, designed to be constructed swiftly and economically. With a limited timeframe and budget, the challenge was to create an efficient and practical living space. Through ingenious design modulation and the utilization of precast structures, this tiny house showcases the epitome of simplicity and sustainability.

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Efficient Construction: The Art of Time and Budget Management

One of the most remarkable aspects of the 120 square meter tiny house is its rapid construction. The entire project was completed within a few weeks, made possible by the meticulous planning and efficient execution of the design. By focusing on modular elements and employing precast structures, the construction process was streamlined, ensuring a swift and cost-effective build.

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Maximizing Space: Prioritizing Public Areas and Minimalistic Bedrooms

Given the limitations of time and budget, it was crucial to utilize the available space effectively. Priority was given to the public areas, guaranteeing a welcoming and communal atmosphere. In contrast, the bedroom area was intentionally minimized to avoid intrusion. To optimize vertical space, bunk beds were ingeniously incorporated, with an intermediary bathroom providing privacy between the rooms. A cleverly designed large storage unit serves as a permeable divider between the bedrooms and the public space, creating a seamless transition between private and communal areas.

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A Seamless Connection with Nature: Expanding Boundaries with Innovative Design

The tiny house’s architectural design seamlessly integrates with the surrounding forest landscape. The house is elevated on a metallic platform, extending to form a breathtaking terrace that offers panoramic views of the lush surroundings.

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The roof of the tiny house opens and tilts towards the forest, creating a double-height terrace that acts as an extension of the living space. This innovative feature blurs the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, providing residents with a unique connection to nature.

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The Perfect Blend: Materials, Light, and the Valle Climate

The choice of materials for the tiny house was a careful consideration to ensure harmony with the environment. Heat-treated wooden slats adorn the exterior walls, fixed to the sturdy metal structure.

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These slats, placed on both sides of the wall, are finished with internal thermal insulation, offering protection against the Valle climate. The gaps between the slats are meticulously closed, adapting to the local weather conditions.

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The house becomes enveloped by these slats, which seamlessly align at the same height, facilitating and expediting the assembly process. Large windows, complemented by a floating ceiling, flood the house with natural light, enhancing the sense of spaciousness and openness.

The Numbers Speak: A Quantitative Perspective on the Tiny House

To appreciate the remarkable aspects of the 120 square meter tiny house, let us delve into some fascinating numbers:

  • – Construction time: Completed within a few weeks, ensuring a swift realization of the project.
  • Total area: 120 square meters, offering a compact and efficient living space.
  •  Bedroom area: Minimal in size but not intrusive, utilizing vertical space with bunk beds.
  •  Terrace extension: The metallic platform extends to form a panoramic terrace, providing stunning views of the surrounding forest.
  •  Materials: Heat-treated wooden slats, fixed to a robust metal structure, integrate the house with the environment.
  •  Natural light: Large windows and a floating ceiling enable abundant natural light, creating an expansive atmosphere.
  •  Harmonious integration: The tiny house seamlessly blends with the Valle climate, adapting to local weather conditions.
IMAGE Courtesy of Archdaily

 A Testament to Creativity and Resourcefulness

The 120 square meter tiny house stands as a testament to human ingenuity, showcasing how creativity and resourcefulness can transform limited time and budget into a remarkable architectural achievement. This cozy retreat, with its efficient use of space, harmonious connection with nature, and sustainable design choices, exemplifies the essence of the tiny house movement. As this extraordinary project continues to inspire, it serves as a reminder that even with constraints, dreams of a simple and sustainable lifestyle can be turned into reality.

IMAGE Courtesy of Archdaily
IMAGE Courtesy of Archdaily

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