$4000 Modest Tiny House

The cost of owning real estate is increasing. Nowadays, the way to own a property with a more environmentally friendly footprint and less costly is only possible with the construction of a tiny house.

These tiny houses are very economical in terms of heat and electrical energy use. Tiny houses are a really great idea for those who are looking for a way to own an environmentally friendly and cost-effective home.

This lodge is located in Eskişehir, Turkey.

The tiny house we will talk about in this article was built with this logic.

If you have the same feelings, this tiny house can be a source of inspiration for you.

Although this tiny house looks like a hidden gem in the middle of a vast forest, it is only 20 minutes away from the center.

As soon as you come across the house, forest birds greet you with a magnificent choir. The simplicity of the tiny house makes you feel that you can make another of the same with a cut in your hand at that moment in the foreground.

The tiny house is right in a unique forest.

While building the house, simplicity was kept in the foreground.

Pine wood, which is the dominant tree of the forest, was used as the main material. The timbers are covered with a protective layer that does not harm the environment. This layer created a natural green color in harmony with the forest. The natural pattern of the timber proves the environmental footprint of the house.

Great view of the pine trees from the patio of the tiny house.

Built as a single room, the tiny house has a veranda on the front where you can listen to the magical sound of the forest and sip your coffee. The tiny house sits on an area of ​​25 square meters with its veranda.

There is a small covered table in the garden of the house.

The house has two entrance doors, one opening to the front porch and the other to the pathway that runs right next to the house. The windows of the tiny house are placed in the most efficient way to use sunlight.

Since the house is located in the heart of the forest, there is no electricity at the moment.

The interior of the tiny house, whose area is 14.5 square meters, is still quite plain, and the natural state of wood continues on the interior walls. The ceiling of the tiny house, whose floor covering is also wooden, also features delicately laid beams that support the roof.

Details are not included as the house will not be used for full-time accommodation. For this reason, the cost has been very cheap.

A total of 5 cubic meters of pine wood was used in the construction of the house. The cost of the house, which did not use any artificial materials in its construction, was 4000 USD. Of course, this price does not include the land price.

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