See Inside Rebekah’s Stunning, Plant-Filled Tiny Home

Rebekah always dreamed of having a place of her own, and when she came across the concept of tiny houses, she knew she had found her perfect match.

She worked with Mini Mansions Tiny Home Builders to design a custom home that would suit her needs and meet all of her wants. And the result is a cozy and functional space that is bursting with storage.

Photo Courtesy of @teenytiny7

Rebekah’s 3/4 bathroom is located under the main loft bedroom, and her full-sized kitchen has tons of counter space.

Photo Courtesy of @teenytiny7

The living room is located under one of the lofts, and it’s the perfect spot for snuggling up with a good book or spending time with family and friends.

Photo Courtesy of @teenytiny7

Rebekah is now married, and she and her husband live in their teeny tiny space with their cat, Peach. Thanks to their custom tiny house, they are living their dream life.

From Instagram:

It’s been awhile since I’ve introduced myself around here. Here’s some tid bits about my life

•I decided I was going to go tiny March 2020 shortly after Covid-19 hit the US

•I graduated with a master’s degree in social work, but I’m not currently in the field

• My tiny was delivered October 18th, 2020

•My sweet Peachy girl moved in 3 weeks later, and she’s the best cuddler around

•Born and raised in Central Florida

•I started my indoor plant journey almost 3 years ago, & it’s my favorite hobby

•I like coffee (decaf only pls), twinklie lights, and comfy clothes

•I’ve nannied with the same family for almost 5 years now and I love it

•I’ve had many different kinds of animals in my house growing up, from chinchillas and ducks to snakes and tarantulas

•The only contest I can win is a hula-hooping one

•I love connecting with this community here on the gram and hearing your stories! I’m always around to answer questions, provide links, and to cheer you on!

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