They Built This Tiny House for Sustainable Architecture in Coburg

Are you ready to enter a world of eco-magic? Coburg University of Applied Sciences has unleashed its greatest creation yet – the Circular Tiny House (CTH*1)! Imagine a tiny house so awesome that it’s made entirely from recycled, renewable, and regenerative materials. Say goodbye to boring concrete and hello to straw, wood, and earth! Led by the genius minds of Professor Rainer Hirth and the dynamic lecturer Anders Macht, students brought this green dream to life.

Photo Courtesy of Sebastian Kolm

The Eco-Warrior Construction

This isn’t your average DIY project; the Circular Tiny House kicks CO2 to the curb! No more mineral-based binding agents – it’s all about natural wonders. The windows are like time travelers from demolished buildings, while the wood, though rejected by snobby DIY shops, comes from local bark beetle-damaged trees. Beauty isn’t everything, but sustainability sure is!

Photo Courtesy of Sebastian Kolm

A Home Off the Grid

Welcome to a home that scoffs at utility bills! The Circular Tiny House is an energy ninja, surviving solely on solar power. Rainwater becomes its best friend, collected, purified, and used for all purposes. This clever abode boasts a custom-installed 750-liter storage tank – always prepared for H2O adventures!

Photo Courtesy of Sebastian Kolm

Living Large in Limited Space

Size doesn’t matter when you’re smartly designed! With a mere 19 m² of usable space over two levels, the Circular Tiny House proves that small can still be grand. It hosts a two-person bed, a cozy laptop workspace, a chill-out sofa, a wardrobe, a micro-bathroom, and an optimized kitchen. It’s like a tetris game for furniture, fitting everything in with style!

Photo Courtesy of Sebastian Kolm

The Chameleon Home

Flexibility is the name of the game in this chameleon home. The Circular Tiny House morphs to fit your needs with intelligent, adjustable furnishings. Need more room for friends? No problem! It accommodates at least four people with ease. Living space issues, meet your match!

Photo Courtesy of Sebastian Kolm

A Parking Lot Pioneer

Who says parking lots are just for cars? The Circular Tiny House takes a bold stand on sustainable city planning. Rising above the asphalt, it’s a beacon of hope for leftover urban spaces. Move over, gas-guzzlers; the future of transportation is calling!

Photo Courtesy of Sebastian Kolm

Cradle-to-Cradle Wonder

What happens when a research project goes green? Enter the Circular Tiny House and the cradle-to-cradle principle! Every material is part of a beautiful cycle, no nails or adhesives required. When its five-year testing period ends, it’ll gracefully disassemble like a pro, no wrecking balls needed! The earth gets a tasty treat of straw and earth, while doors and windows return to the building sector for more adventures.

Photo Courtesy of Sebastian Kolm

Embracing the Eco-Geek Lifestyle

In a world filled with climate change woes, the Circular Tiny House shines as a beacon of hope. It’s a paradise for eco-geeks, environmental enthusiasts, and anyone who cares about the future of our planet. Sustainable living has never looked this good!

Photo Courtesy of Markus Pollach

Unlocking the Green Potential

The Circular Tiny House at Coburg University is rewriting the rules of sustainable architecture. With its renewable materials, solar energy independence, and efficient use of space, it’s the green gem we all need. Step inside and embrace the eco-magic – let the Circular Tiny House inspire you to build a better, greener future!

Photo Courtesy of Markus Pollach

In conclusion, the Circular Tiny House is a marvel of sustainable architecture and an eco-geek paradise. From its recycled and renewable materials to its off-the-grid lifestyle, it’s a beacon of hope for our planet’s future. Coburg University has set a new standard for green living, and the Circular Tiny House is leading the way to a more sustainable tomorrow. So, let’s embrace this green revolution and build a better world, one recycled straw at a time!

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