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This Tiny House Combines NYC Loft with Off-Grid Innovation

In the picturesque Australian countryside, a remarkable tiny house stands proudly, embodying the perfect fusion of ingenuity, sustainability, and urban chic. Meet the “Small Not Tiny” masterpiece—a compact 27 square foot dwelling that astounds with its innovative design, featuring a solar panel system, expandable roof, and high ceilings reminiscent of New York style apartments. This architectural gem leaves no stone unturned in maximizing its diminutive space, incorporating hidden storage, multifunctional furniture, and even an adjustable roof. Let’s explore the extraordinary features that make this tiny house truly exceptional.

IMAGE Courtesy of Autoevolution

Timber Tale

Built with a conscience as green as the surrounding landscape, this cypress-covered tiny house narrates an eco-friendly tale. The timber used in its construction comes from reclaimed cypress windscreens discarded by local farmers.

IMAGE Courtesy of Autoevolution

Giving new life to this wood aligns with the house’s low carbon footprint theme—a thread woven throughout its construction. Perched on a recycled concrete slab, the dwelling is elevated to withstand potential floods from the nearby Moyne River, showcasing thoughtful resilience in the face of nature.

IMAGE Courtesy of Autoevolution

Off-Grid Oasis

Living off the grid takes on a new level of sophistication in this tiny house. Equipped with an entirely self-sufficient solar panel system, complemented by a battery bank and backup generator, it exudes an aura of independence and eco-consciousness.

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The crown jewel of its off-grid features, however, is the adjustable telescopic roof. During transportation, the roof cleverly maintains a low profile. But once settled, it gracefully ascends to create a loft space, expanding the floor plan to an astonishing 40 m2.

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Spatial Marvels

Prepare to be amazed by the spatial wizardry within this tiny house. The raised roof conceals an enchanting upper mezzanine that houses both the bedroom and a versatile work area.

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A desk area, complete with a wooden pedestal, allows you to work while leisurely swinging your feet—an idyllic blend of productivity and comfort. Privacy is ensured by a cleverly placed bookcase that gracefully separates the sleeping quarters from the rest of the dwelling.

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Functional Elegance

Journey downstairs, where ingenuity meets elegance in a symphony of functional design. A wooden staircase, effortlessly retractable by a turn of the wheel, leads guests to the cozy lower level. The living area extends outward in the style of a sunroom, embraced by floor-to-ceiling glass windows reinforced with steel beams. Here, nature seamlessly integrates with the interior, providing a sense of boundless openness.

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Modern Industrial Aesthetics

Drawing inspiration from the chic lofts of New York City, the interior boasts an industrial aesthetic harmoniously blended with the tranquility of the Australian countryside. Recycled brass elements and metal mesh shelves radiate rustic charm while offering multipurpose utility. Striking copper and plywood shutters gracefully outline the house on both levels, complemented by pivot doors that facilitate cross ventilation and usher in fresh air.

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The Priceless Gem

With all its marvels, this tiny house comes at a cost of AUD 112,000 (US$82,454) without extra options. It offers a basic plan with a construction timeline of 8 to 12 weeks, while allowing ample room for customization within budget constraints. The investment in this architectural wonder promises not just a home but an experience—an invitation to embrace sustainability, creativity, and a life less conventional.

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The “Small Not Tiny” tiny house exemplifies the epitome of architectural brilliance and sustainable living. As it basks under the Australian sun, it radiates the essence of innovation and ingenuity, standing tall as a testament to the possibilities that unfold when creativity and eco-consciousness unite. An oasis of elegance and functionality, this tiny marvel is a beacon of hope, inspiring us all to rethink what it means to live large in the tiniest of spaces.

IMAGE Courtesy of Autoevolution
IMAGE Courtesy of Autoevolution

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