This Airbnb Is One Of The Most Stylish & Creative You’ll Ever See!

Although simplicity comes to the fore in the philosophy of tiny homes, this is not an obstacle to human creativity. Because wherever there are people, there is art. While presenting messages to people, the artist creates an aesthetic world with the materials he brings together. This includes where he lives.

The artist, designer, and interior designer Rina reflect her own rich inner world as much as possible in the tiny home she designed.

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Airbnb Tiny House Home Tour

This house is not only lovely, warm, and inviting, but also very well-furnished. Not a single detail was overlooked. French-style designs and colors are particularly prominent throughout the tiny home.

Built-in a stunning forest, the tiny house is located in Boone, North Carolina.

The tiny house has a very large garden. The design of the garden is also very pleasant. The wooden chairs, which are a wonder of design, placed around the fire pit in the middle, are made of recycled pallets. In the garden, there are red chairs that create a Parisian atmosphere. The pleasure of drinking coffee here will not be much different from in Paris.

The tiny house is made of natural wood, painted in gray.

The veranda, which is located right at the entrance, is accessed by a few wooden stairs. A wooden bench and a beautifully designed table are placed on the large veranda where you can rest when you come from a nature walk.

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The entrance of the house is through a red door, it is obvious that the owner of the house touched the door, and it is quite stylish.

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There is a first bedroom area at the entrance.

The seats placed in this area are ideally comfortable for reading and chatting. The curtains and the carpet laid on the floor suit the wooden texture of the house quite well. It is in harmony with other items in the gray cabinet. The double bed is big enough.

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After passing this area, we come to the kitchen area. Black color is the main element of the design in the kitchen. The kitchen, which is designed as two sections facing each other, has marble countertops. The cabinets are big enough to hold all the tools. A large refrigerator and oven are nothing like those found in a normal home.

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The second bedroom is accessed through the door that opens after the kitchen. Here, the main color is white, and the large windows overlooking the garden reflect the white color and illuminate the interior. Small touches of color in white made the room even more attractive. The murals on the walls were made by the owner of the house, Rina. The design of this place also reminds of Paris.

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The bathroom of the tiny house looks like it came out of a French palace. You can feel like a royal in the bathroom designed with an artist style.

Photo Courtesy of Airbnb

You can use this design house for a weekend getaway. If you haven’t seen Paris, you can be sure you will see it here. The rent for this tiny house is $210 per night. ( Airbnb )

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