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Fond of travelling? Need a new adventurous place to visit? If yes, then I’ve something of the same sort for y’all. I’m talking about tiny house in cozy trolley car. This tiny house is presented to the guests by Debbie, a great host. And is located in Castaic, California, US.

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To spend the unforgettable time of your life in this amazingly blessed tiny house, you are gonna $165 per night. This exceptional tiny house can accommodate two guests max at a time. There’s a bedroom, a bathroom, a small living room, a kitchen, a balcony, and a garden. Booking Here!!!

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This tiny house is a train house. This tiny house is a single-room studio house. The part of this only one-room house is designed as a bedroom. There’s a queen-sized highly comfortable bed covered with a sheet in this bedroom. A side table is placed alongside the bed, and another is placed under the TV. The entire tiny house is very bright, as several lights are used everywhere.

The bedroom is highly ventilated. The ventilation is covered with blackout curtains. The bedroom has bed linen in it. There’s a closet to manage the luggage and the clothes of the guests. The bedroom has an iron, extra pillows, and blankets as well.

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The living room is just next to the bedroom. It has a sofa, and the best feature is the TV fixed ahead.  Amazing chandeliers are hung throughout this tiny train house. The lighting of this tiny house is factor that fascinate most of the guests here.

The only bathroom of the tiny house has a vanity, toilet, and bath area. Just above the vanity, there’s a clean mirror and is lit up brightly by a lamp here. The bath area has a shower, and this section is separated with the help of a glass door.

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Hot water is provided to the guests if they need it. Towels and toilet papers are also available for the guests. An amazing luggage handler is there to manage the towels and other stuff in the bathroom. A basket is also placed in the bathroom. The bathroom has shower gel, shampoo, conditioner for the guests.

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The kitchen is architected smartly. First of all, there’s a stovetop for preparing the meals. The kitchen has a fridge, microwave, air fryer, dishes, silverware, and a rousing sink for washing pots. The countertop of the entire kitchen is flawless and sanitized every time. The cabins of the kitchen aid in managing the kitchen utensils.

The kitchen provides the guests the services of the coffee machine, wine glass, pots, spices, bowls, chopsticks, plates, cups. All the bbq essentials are given to the guests. In the kitchen, there’s a dinner table having two chairs and a table for having meals. But this dining table can be used as a workplace by the guests.

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This tiny house has a large deck and is furniture using adjustable seat chairs for sitting outside the tiny house and enjoying the weather under the sky. The patio has a barbeque set up on one end, and at another corner, there’re two sofas and tables. Guests can enjoy coffee or evening tea here.

Tiny Farmhouse Surrounded by Unobstructed Views

There’s a fire pit to enjoy the barbeque sitting next to the fire with your partner. And this is a blessing to spend the whole days of vacation so serenely. The whole area surrounded by the tiny house is gifted with beauty and the location of the house is also matchless.

The lighting of the tiny house is just mesmerizing. A calm environment, a fully lighted garden, and a barbeque with your partner are I guess such dreamy things one can think of.

The well-maintained tiny house is encircled by many restaurants. It means you can go for an outing as well to have the fun of the tour completely. This tiny house is an hour’s drive to the beach. You can go out and have fun of shopping as well. And a day out with your partner on the beach is a best combination.

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The trolley house covers two acres of property. People have pets in the area neighboring this cozy tiny house. You may hear the noise of these pets. These sounds are signs of life sometimes in your barren life.

This tiny house is located in a serene and calm area. The guests have an entire private area, and no one is there to disturb your privacy and seclusion them. If you wanna come here alone, you’re obviously gonna have the best experience. Because sometimes in your life, you need some space and you need no one with yourself. The nature has the power to heal the sorrows and so does the time given to yourself.

This tiny house has window air conditioners throughout the house. For safety purposes, the tiny house has a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher, and a smoke detector facility for the guests to manage any unexpected event. The management is so responsible and caring for the guests. Pets are allowed in this quiet part of the land.

And with this said, it’s pretty much about this tiny house located in the United States. If you wanna have fun with this amazingly designed tiny house and wanna save some unforgettable memories, then this tiny house is waiting for you. The cozy bedroom and the amazing kitchen of this tiny house are waiting for you.

The entire tiny house is protected, and you don’t have any worries here. Because the host and the management of the tiny house are always there to make your trip more colorful and fruitful. If you’re planning then hurry up. Traveling can help change your mood and mindset for some time.

And the plans with your partners are always energetic and are cooperative in strengthening your relationship. Just you, your loved one, in the heart of beauty and seclusion is an ideal thing for any couple. Plan a tour and visit this tiny house.

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