How This Couple Built Their Own Vertical Tiny House

Thinking that time is quite precious, Minwook Choi wanted his home to be close to his workplace. But Seoul is such an expensive city that it seemed impossible to buy an apartment with his current budget. Deciding to build his own house, Minwook Choi then applied for a plot of land close to his workplace.

The tiny vertical house was built on an area of 33.7m2, with each floor of 16m2. Photo Courtesy of Smaller Architects

Located in the center of Seoul, this plot was so small that no one had ever thought that a building, especially a house, could be built here. With the price of this long-unused land becoming attractive, Minwook Choi was able to purchase the land.

Choi Min-wook, right, with his wife Jayne Jeong pose with their cat Conti – Photo Courtesy of Korea Times/Kim Se-jeong

How could he and his wife build a comfortable house on this small plot of land. It could only be a vertical house, since they could not build all parts of the house next to each other. Thereupon, they planned the Seroro House, which means “vertical” in Korean and carries the comfort of a whole house, and built it as a five-story skyscraper.

Photo Courtesy of Smaller Architects

This tiny house was created by stacking five 16 square meters of rooms on top of each other. The ground room of the building is intended to be a parking space for cars.

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A resting area is created with a living room on the upper floor, where the tiredness of the day is relieved.

Photo Courtesy of Smaller Architects

On the third floor, there is the dining room, where there is a fully equipped kitchen and a large table where guests can be entertained.

On the 4th floor there is a bedroom with its own bathroom.

Photo Courtesy of Smaller Architects

On the last floor, there is a laundry room, a large bathroom and many cupboards that can be used as a storage area.

Photo Courtesy of Smaller Architects

The location of the tiny house is right on the slope of a green park in the center of the city. The windows of the house are placed on the south and west facades. While the southern windows let the daylight in, the western windows offer an incredible green view. “Looking at the trees from every floor in the park gives us an idea of ​​the seasons and time” says Minwook.

The walls of the Seroro house are covered with acrylic white glossy plaster.

There is a parking space for one car under the vertical house. – Photo Courtesy of Smaller Architects

One corner of the building is curved in harmony with the shape of the plot. With this design, Minwook thinks the building resembles a lighthouse, arousing a sense of wonder in people.

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Apart from the residents of the house, the cats in the house love this tiny house very much. Minwook said, “It’s like an amusement park for them. We think it’s the world’s largest cat tower” he says.

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The inside of the vertical house has a rather simple design. – Photo Courtesy of Smaller Architects

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