300 sqft Off-Grid Cabin

The human being, who broke away from nature over time, is looking for new ways to return to nature.

People who are trying to make their lives easier are trying to make use of every moment to get away from the hustle and bustle of big cities.

Those who want to create their own in a minimal life can experience this in tiny houses a little far from the cities.

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Today we’ll take a look at Britteny’s home, who has had experiences like these. Birtney loved the farm life so much that she moved to Adairsville, Georgia after she got married.

Birtney, who lived for a while in the tiny home they built on a 40-acre land, now shares her tiny house so that other people can experience this life.

The tiny house Adairsville was built in a 40-acre beautiful nature, in a very quiet environment where only the chirping of birds can be heard. There are many hiking trails around.

The tiny house was built independently of the grid.

The toilet of the tiny house, whose water needs are met from a 5 gallon tank, was built as an odorless, compost toilet. The tiny house, which also does not have electricity, does not have classic time-wasting tools, but don’t worry, you don’t need them here at all.

The tiny home was built as a single room on a wooden foundation. There is a veranda in front of the house, which can be considered large for the size of the house. There is a large barbecue on the patio, you can organize a delicious barbecue party in the evening with your loved ones.

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The tiny house was built entirely using wooden materials. The entrance to the house is through a yellow door that opens from the veranda. Classic farmhouse style windows on both sides of the door bring out the cuteness of the house more.

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The interior walls of the house are also designed quite simply. The walls, ceiling and floor are all made of wood. The aged wooden floors of the walls transformed the tiny house into a farmhouse feel.

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The tiny house is 301 square feet and consists of only 1 bedroom. Inside there is a double bed and a sofa to sit on. The toilet was placed in a corner of the tiny house with a curtain. There is also a wood stove to create a warm environment on cool days. You can procure wood from the environment.

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If you are wondering about the simple life you will experience in this tiny house that is independent of the network, you can rent this tiny house for $76 per night. An unforgettable, simple life experience awaits you.

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