This Couple Built a Tiny Home in Just 25 Days

How long does it take to build a tiny house from start to finish?

It may not take as long as you think. Taylor McClendon and his wife Michael completed a tiny house in 25 days.

Taylor and his wife Michaella, who earned their living by shooting wedding photos and videos, decided to settle in Hawaii and continue their business there.

However, due to the pandemic that started that year, almost all of the couple’s businesses were canceled.

Tiny house construction – Photo Courtesy of @tayandmckay

When Taylor realized that they wouldn’t be able to get a job for a long time, he decided to start a tiny house project that he had always dreamed of.

Taylor, who has no knowledge or experience in tiny house building, thought of this first project as a test run.

Taylor first talked about the tiny house idea to construction veteran Greg, design expert Joy, and his brother-in-law, Ike Huffman, who is a good carpenter.

After imagining and discussing the project together, the whole team decided to build a tiny house.

Deciding to run the project on a ready-made trailer, the team had some difficulty in finding a trailer.

They found a trailer that was perfect for them in Iron Eagle, Oregon, but they gave up on it, calculating that there would be delays in shipping due to the pandemic.

While they were continuing their research, they accidentally saw that a caravan that would be suitable for them was for sale in the area where they lived, and they immediately contacted and bought the caravan.

They had already finished the subflooring of the trailer, which reached them in a short time like two days.

The tiny house was built on a 9.1 meter long three-axle trailer.

The exterior of the tiny house, with a total area of ​​28 square meters, is made of cedar wood and metal.

Seft design tiny house kitchen – Photo Courtesy of @tayandmckay

Taylor says this design adds an elegant and natural softness to contemporary and minimalist design.

This corner is so bright and spacious that you cannot believe you are in the tiny house. – Photo Courtesy of @tayandmckay

Wanting to take maximum advantage of daylight, the team opened plenty of windows on the 3-foot-high walls.

Photo Courtesy of @tayandmckay

The main element in the tiny house has been the kitchen and living space, which are valuable to them.

A functional bathroom was built right behind the tiny house.

The two bedrooms are made as loft type with low ceilings. Both rooms are accessed via stairs with ample storage space underneath.

This tiny house can benefit from the grid, or it can also be used independently of the grid. Electricity and plumbing were designed accordingly. There is also a compost toilet that works independently of the mains.

Photo Courtesy of @tayandmckay

Having successfully completed this tiny house, Taylor and his wife Michaella chose this business as their profession.

The couple, who set up a small construction company for themselves, sell their tiny house plans for $275 on their website. If you use these plans, why not make your own tiny house?

You can find out more about their services on the company’s website or by following them through social media. @tayandmckay. Prices start at $99,800.

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