Cozy Owl Cottage

Wanna spend some days free from the hustles of everyday life? Tired of the hectic routine? Don’t know where to visit? Don’t worry! You need a break from this strenuous life. Just look a peaceful piece of land around you. Book your trip and go ahead.

This island is well known for having the frivolous places to visit. The greenery there leaves positive vibes to your soul and you find the peace and satisfaction missing in your life. If you’re depressed or planning a casual vacation, this is gonna be the right choice.

This cozy tiny house can occupy two guests all-out at a time. It’s the best place to visit either for couples or a single guest. This comfortable and uninterrupted tiny house is located in Clinton, Washington, a state of the US. The area this tiny cottage covers is 10 acres.

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The tiny house has a bedroom, a bathroom, a garden, a porch, and a courtyard.

The deck of the house is made up of wood, and the deck is wrap-around. This extremely ravishing house is just five minutes’ drive from the beach.

It means you directly get access to the beach, and you can enjoy the charm of the beach too by booking your tour to this house. And between this beach and the cozy cottage, there’s a clam area consisting of acres having mountains and hills as well. So this area and cottage allow you to have a hiking tour for sure.

When you order the services of this tiny house, you own the entire cottage and the area in its surroundings without any disturbance. The house consents you to visit the nearby gardens, walk fields, beaches, hills, restaurants and other recreational areas like this.

The owner’s house is nearby to this exceptional cottage. And he’s a humble person that does every possible effort to provide you with the best services. The management team here considers your privacy. It implies that you get the benefit of both natural beauty and private vacation at the same time.

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The garden before the house is the feature that most people praise.

The flowers in this garden romanticize the environment of the entire tiny house. The scent of the fresh flowers and the walking barefooted on the grass in the morning, and the inhaling of calm and crispy air early in the morning, etc are the little things you may not even notice, but they play an integral and primary impact on your stressed mind and soul.

The entrance of the tiny house is so charming that’s covered with different kind of flowers and other ornamental plants. There’s a path designed to enter the house. A chair is placed in the garden for enjoying the sunlight and weather.

This is a single room studio and has a bedroom having a queen-sized bed in it.

The bed is covered with a sheet, having pillows and blankets over it. You’re also provided with extra pillows, sheets, and blankets. You’re also provided with an extra mattress if needed.

The room is airy. It has giant windows that also enable you to see the garden ahead lying in the room. There’re two matchless illuminators that enhance the lighting in the room.

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The sides of the room are occupied with two wall-sized bookshelves, and they have thousands of books. The books may have your favorites too. So booking this house, you can refresh your taste in reading and habit of book reading in such a serene place. And for readers, the quiet place is no less than a blessing.

The heart of the room is covered using an appealing mat. The whole floor is wooden. There’s a vase placed on the table for keeping fresh flowers in it every day.

One of the corners of the room is furnished as a living room. This area occupies a relaxing chair which you can use while reading the books and a couch encountering a table. And, there’s a table on which a lamp is placed. This lamp and its light make the whole room out of this world. The table also has the space for placing shoes too. There’s a dining table having a central wooden table and two chairs around it.

The kitchen is also devised in this only room of the tiny house. It contains only two shelves in the having electric kettle, coffee maker, mugs and other essentials of the kitchen placed on it.

The cottage has a single bathroom. And it’s highly brightened using LED lights. There’s a mirror that’s spotless. Also, it has a washbasin that you can use for different purposes. The bathroom has a wooden cabinet, and over it, there’s a shelf.

On this shelf, you can place your primary and daily usage products. The bathroom has paintings for decoration, and here’s a dustbin too. There’s a toilet as well having toilet rolls. The towels are hung on the towel stand. The most important feature of this bathroom is the shower, which you’ll use for taking bath.

A porch two wooden sofas and a table for sitting, making, and saving unforgettable memories. The scenery of the garden ahead compels you to sit there and travel to another world free from all worries and hardships of this world. You can enjoy the afternoon nap or a cup of coffee there as well.

At a corner of this porch, there’s a relaxing pool chair where you can calm down yourself after the bath in the hot tub there.

I wish you’re very much clear about the services offered there and how this tiny house looks like. If you’re gonna reserve this tiny cottage for the vacation then it’s gonna be the best tours of your life. By retaining the services of this wonderland, you’ll definitely have the gateway to other phenomenal areas for hiking and picnic.

Just leave everything behind you, pack your luggage and explore this mesmerizing world in front of you. Safe journey!

For further details, visit the official website and book your stay here.

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