Elevating Off-Grid Living with Style and Substance for 77000$

Distinctive Exterior Craftsmanship: Steel Elegance Unveiled

The Nomad series redefines the aesthetics of mobile living with a captivating exterior design. The fusion of black vertical steel sheets and the low-maintenance Distinction faux wood steel cladding creates a visual masterpiece that sets it apart from conventional travel trailers. The wood grain imitation not only adds a touch of elegance but also stands the test of time with its UV-resistant properties.

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The innovative use of two steel types ensures durability without compromising on maintenance. While the faux wood cladding requires minimal attention, a simple biannual verification of fastener seals keeps the other steel in pristine condition. Powder coating adds an extra layer of durability, making the Nomad resilient against the elements. Every window, crafted from tempered glass with a residential grade, offers a clear view of the surrounding beauty while maintaining a secure and comfortable interior environment.

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The exterior spectacle is further enhanced by the motorized folding deck option—a truly unique feature. This innovation not only facilitates easier access to the Nomad’s interior but also acts as a guardian, securing the sliding door when in travel position. The Nomad series goes beyond the ordinary, providing an exterior that not only withstands the rigors of the road but also captivates with its distinctive personality.

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Innovative Features for Unmatched Mobility: A Closer Look at Convenience

The Nomad series embraces innovation with the motorized folding deck—a game-changer in the realm of mobile living. This distinctive feature ensures that entering the Nomad is a seamless and secure experience, combining practicality with a touch of luxury. Whether parked in the wilderness or navigating urban landscapes, the Nomad’s innovative design enhances the overall off-grid living experience, promising unparalleled mobility and freedom.

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Step Inside: A Symphony of Contemporary Comforts

Beyond the captivating exterior, the Nomad welcomes you into a contemporary interior that seamlessly blends style and functionality. Clean lines and wooden accents create an inviting atmosphere, transforming this mobile haven into a home away from home. The layout is a masterclass in space optimization, offering a cozy yet spacious bedroom equipped with high-quality appliances reminiscent of the comfort found in larger park models.

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As you step through the entrance, a thoughtfully designed closet provides space for coats, ensuring a tidy and organized living space. The dining area, featuring a walnut laminate table and bench, accommodates four individuals comfortably. This multifunctional space converts into a bed, providing sleeping arrangements for two children or an adult. Storage solutions are ingeniously integrated into the design, with drawers flanking the seating area housing the propane furnace and water heater.

Functional Living Spaces: From Bedroom to Kitchen

The Nomad series effortlessly combines form and function to create functional living spaces. The spacious bedroom, a testament to the Nomad’s commitment to comfort, boasts high-quality appliances and thoughtful design elements. The kitchen/dining area becomes the heart of the Nomad, with a walnut laminate table and bench providing a stylish yet functional space for meals and relaxation.

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The kitchen, equipped with top-of-the-line Furrion appliances, includes a 12V refrigerator and propane series/oven. For those who prioritize laundry convenience, an optional 2-in-1 washer and dryer combination is available, allowing for flexibility without compromising storage space. Despite its compact size, the kitchen offers ample storage, with cabinets and a microwave strategically placed in the long pantry next to the refrigerator.

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Top-of-the-Line Kitchen Appliances: Culinary Excellence on the Move

The Nomad series redefines mobile culinary experiences with its high-quality kitchen appliances. The Furrion 12V refrigerator ensures your perishables stay fresh, while the propane series/oven adds versatility to your cooking options. The thoughtful placement of a 2-in-1 washer and dryer combination, if chosen, caters to the practical needs of modern living. The walnut laminate table and bench not only provide a stylish dining space but also enhance the overall aesthetic of the Nomad’s interior, creating a seamless blend of form and function.

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Off-Grid Living, Redefined: Four-Season Autonomy and Mobility Unleashed

The Nomad series is not merely a mobile living solution; it’s a testament to the pursuit of freedom and autonomy. With mobility and four-season autonomy options, the Nomad series allows you to embrace off-grid living with confidence. This tiny house transcends traditional recreational vehicles, providing a unique blend of freedom and comfort for those seeking a distinctive and durable living space.

Photo Courtesy of Minimaliste Houses

In every detail, the Nomad series embodies a commitment to quality, mobility, and the ultimate off-grid living experience. Step into a world where innovation meets luxury, and redefine your journey with the Nomad series—a true symbol of style, substance, and the freedom to roam.

If you would like to own such a tiny house, you can get detailed information from the table below.

Technical Table

Section Category Description Included/Option
TRAILER Size 8.5’x28 Included
Tongue 5ft long Included
Hitch Pintle hitch Included
Axles 2x 8000 lbs Included
Weight 13,000lbs *when fully equipped with all options Included
Coating Galvanized Included
Stabilizer 4X Heavy-duty adjustable stabilizers (5,000lbs capacity/stabilizers) Included
FLOOR – R25 Structure 6 1/2” SIP panels with HDPE underlayer Included
Insulation Expanded foam (EPS) Included
Material Vinyl roll (commercial grade) Included
WALLS – R18 Structure 4 1/2” SIP panels with weather barrier – Rothoblaas Self-adhesive membrane Included
Insulation Expanded foam (EPS) Included
Interior MDF panels, V-joint pattern Included
Exterior 1 Woodgrain imitation Steel siding Included
Exterior 2 Vertical steel siding – (36 3/4” Wide sheets) Included
Trims Steel Trims (strarter, corner, transitions) Included
ROOF – R 25 Structure SIPs 6”1/2 Included
Membrane Carlisle EPDM membrane Included
Ceiling Wood laminate panels Included
Trims Steel fascia Included
WINDOWS AND DOOR Windows (residential) Low-E & Argon Double Pane Tempered Glass Included
Door (residential) 5ft wide sliding door (Low-E & Argon Double Pane Tempered Glass) Included
Blinds On all windows (curtain for door) Included
Section Category Description Included/option
ELECTRICITY Connection 30 amp RV 120V AC Included
Outlets 12V DC USB and 120V AC outlets Included
Electrical panel 55amps Converter/charger Included
Accessories 25ft 30 amp RV extension cord (twist and lock) Included
Solar Basic solar package (2 Bifacial solar panels 440W + 1 Lithium battery 200Ah + 3000W inverter) $12,200.00
Advanced solar package (4 Bifacial solar panels 440W +  2 Lithium batteries 200Ah + 3000W inverter) $17,800.00
Wiring 120V AC + 12V/24V DC Included
PROPANE Connection Automatic Changeover 2-Stage Regulator Included
LIGHTS Exterior Outdoor wall light, modern look Included
Interior ceiling 12V, Switch operated + individual operated Included
Section Category Description Included/option
HEATING/COOLING Propane 30,000btu propane furnace Included
Electrical 9 000btu 17 SEER Mini Split 115V AC $2,720.00
AIR EXCHANGING Air Exchanger Blauberg Heat recovery (HRV), 12V, Direct control or Wifi Included
Range hood Exterior vented, 12V, light. Included
Humidity extractor Bathroom, wall-mounted, switch operated Included
Section                                  Category                                     Description                                                                                                                     Included/Option    Notes
GENERAL Piping (waste water lines) ABS Included
Piping (freshwater lines) PEX Included
Water connection 1 3/4 RV water inlet Included
Water connection 2 Gravity water inlet N/A
Water heater PrecisionTemp 55,000 btu propane on-demand with freeze protection Included
Smart water valve Sinopé 3/4 smart water valve, shuts the water valve in case a leak is detected $760.00
KITCHEN Sink Double stainless sink Included
Faucet Single handle Included
BATHROOM Bathroom sink 12”x18” Ceramic Included
Bathroom faucet Single handle stainless Included
Toilet Dometic 310 flush toilet, porcelain seat Included
Composting toilet Separett Villa 12V composting toilet with exterior venting $2,400.00
TUB/SHOWER Bathtub 24×36 Acrylic Included
Shower panels 3mm PVC panels Included
Shower rod+curtain Stainless rod with curtain Included
Faucet+fixtures Shower head + tub faucet Included
TANKS Waste water holding tanks Grey waters (1) Black waters (1) 36 Gal each. $3,800.00
Freshwater tank 54 Gal freshwater tank (under bed) $1,800.00
Section Category Description Included/option
COOKING Propane range/oven Furrion Stainless propane range/oven Included
Microwave oven Digital microwave oven $360.00
COOLING Refrigerator Furrion Stainless 12V refrigerator, 9 cu/ft with freezer Included
CLEANING Washer/dryer 2 in 1 washer/dryer, 120V $2,960.00
Section                                  Category                                     Description                                                                                                                     Included/Option    Notes
ENTRANCE Entrance closet Space for closet rod (Top and bottom are for batteries and electrical components) Included
KITCHEN Sink 2 doors cabinet underneath sink Included
Washer/dryer Open cabinet for W/D or 2 doors cabinets if not W/D Included
Above window 2 open shelving Included
Range/oven Drawer underneath range/oven Included
Range hood Cabinet, above range hood, awning door Included
Right of refrigerator (top) 1 door cabinet Included
Right of refrigerator (bottom) 4 drawers cabinet Included
Refrigerator Cabinet Awning door cabinet + open storage Included
Left of refrigerator Pantry+cabinet Included
Pulls Cabinet doors Included
Countertop Laminate countertop (kitchen countertop,dining table and shelves) Included
Countertop extension Matching countertop (24”x16”) $480.00
DINING AREA Seat storage Drawer in left/right seat Included
Table top Wood laminate + 1 table leg Included
Dinette bed Seat converts into a 76×40 bed Included
LIVING AREA Sofa-bed Sofa-bed convertible into a double bed – Space for fresh water tank option (30ft models only) $1,400.00
BATHROOM Vanity 12”x18”, 1 door Included
Medicine cabinet With mirror door Included
BEDROOM Bed base Plywood, opens to storage underdeath, Queen size mattress Included
Nightstands 2 drawers, each side of the bed Included
Closet Each side of the bed, includes closet rod Included
Section Category Description Included/option
ACCESS Folding deck Aluminum folding deck with electric wich and remote control $5,000.00
Ladder to roof RV ladder for roof / solar panels checkup $440.00
COMFORT Mattress Gel memory foam Included
ENTERTAINMENT TV Mount Lockable RV Television Mount $200.00
TV Shelf Wood laminate shelf under the TV area $200.00
Smart television 4K LED 42”, Amazon Fire TV or equivalent $800.00
*Specifications and pricing are subject to change without notice, contact your dealer/manufacturer for more information.
*The Nomad by Minimaliste is a certified travel trailer as per NFPA 1192 and also meets structural/insulation requirements of the ANSI A119.5


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