Every Square Meter of this Tiny House is Cleverly Designed

The tiny house movement is growing in popularity. That’s because more and more people are downsizing their homes to simplify their lives. While the average American home is 2,600 square feet, a tiny house is much less than that. This means that every inch of space needs to be used effectively. There are many ways to save space in a tiny home, including loft beds, Murphy beds, built-in storage, and hidden storage.

 Photo Courtesy of Planete Deco

Tiny houses have limited space

A small house, philosophically, has an extremely limited space. To get the most out of a small home, creative and efficient use of space is essential. Built-in storage is another excellent way to make the most of limited space in a small home. Built-in storage maximizes every inch of available space and helps keep the small home tidy and organized.

 Photo Courtesy of Planete Deco

Hidden storage is another smart way to save space in a small home. Hidden storage allows you to keep items out of sight when they are not needed, but easily accessible when you need them.

Every inch in a small home is used effectively

In a tiny house, it is important that every inch of space is used effectively. Innovative design and construction techniques are often used in tiny houses to make the most of their small space. A 51 m2 tiny house using these techniques will be our topic today.

1st-floor plan of a tiny house. Photo Courtesy of Planete Deco

This tiny house was built in Sweden. This tiny house has a cubic design with a clever design. It’s a contemporary design, ideal for the space it occupies. The tiny house is used as a summer house for a family.

2st-floor plan of a tiny house. Photo Courtesy of Planete Deco

The wooden exterior has an ecological footprint

The Kebony cladding off the tiny house is made of wood. The most important feature of this cladding is that it leads to an ecological footprint. It does no harm to nature as it ages. The tiny house with a two-story design is built on a wooden foundation. In front of it, there is a patio of a suitable size that can be used easily.

The interior design plan of the tiny house is based on white

When you enter the house, you are greeted by an all-white interior design contrary to its exterior appearance. High ceilings and daylight coming in through the windows make you perceive the house as more spacious.

1st-floor of a tiny house. Photo Courtesy of Planete Deco

The kitchen and living area are located on this floor. Two walls of the rectangular space are dedicated to the kitchen. Beautiful white lacquered cabinets and countertops make the kitchen showy. Built-in kitchen appliances make the kitchen look simpler.

1st-floor of a tiny house. Photo Courtesy of Planete Deco

The other element of the common area, the seating area, consists of an L-sofa placed in front of the other two walls. With its blue color, the armchair gives color to the tiny house. Just below the stairs leading up to the second floor is the bathroom. The bathroom also has a simple design.

2st-floor of a tiny house. Photo Courtesy of Planete Deco

When you go up the stairs, you come across two rooms. The rooms are used as bedrooms. Again, the rooms with large windows are very bright. It must be a great feeling to wake up looking at the view outside through the large windows.

 Photo Courtesy of Planete Deco

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