Historic Cottage sells for $1.650.000

In the heart of the picturesque College Terrace neighborhood, nestled among sprawling green spaces and towering oaks, lies a truly captivating treasure – a charming cottage like no other. This humble abode, graced with its own unique character, stands as a testament to the timeless allure of cozy living. With 636 square feet of living space and a lot size of 1,875 square feet, this cottage may seem small by conventional standards, but it has a magic that transcends mere numbers.

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 A Space That Defies Expectations

Step inside this enchanting dwelling, and you’ll immediately sense the warmth and intimacy it offers. Featuring one bedroom and one bathroom, it may be designed for one or two people, but it is bound to win the hearts of anyone who crosses its threshold. This is a place where dreams find refuge, and where the joys of life unfold.

The Heart of the Home: Kitchen Dreams with a Dash of Elegance

Culinary Delights in a Petite Space

The kitchen, a culinary haven within these walls, boasts stainless steel appliances and a free-standing gas range, perfectly complementing its red recessed panel cabinets and limestone countertops.

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The low limestone backsplash adds a touch of sophistication, while the tile floor ties the entire ensemble together. It’s a testament to how even the smallest spaces can be a canvas for creativity and functionality.

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Living Room Charm: Where Fireside Bliss Meets Timeless Elegance

A Cozy Hearth for Gatherings

Step into the living room, where an open stained wood beam ceiling embraces you in its warmth. The wood floor and wood-burning fireplace, adorned with a surround of split rocks set in plaster, create a cozy atmosphere. Through the lovely arched window, you’re greeted by a view of the front yard, inviting the outdoors inside. It’s the perfect setting for intimate gatherings and quiet moments of reflection.

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Bedroom Serenity: A Peaceful Retreat for Restful Nights

 A Tranquil Escape

The bedroom, with its wood floors and windows overlooking the back and side yards, offers a serene sanctuary for rest and rejuvenation. A walk-in closet adds a touch of convenience, ensuring that every inch of space is optimized for comfort and functionality.

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Bathroom Elegance: A Harmony of Style and Comfort

Bathing in Luxury

The bathroom features a stained wood vanity with a bow-front ceramic sink, adding a touch of charm to your daily routines. The hexagonal tile bathroom floor and the shower over tub with subway tile surround and arched entrance exude an air of timeless elegance, making every moment spent here a spa-like experience.

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Exterior Enchantment: A Cottage Garden Paradise

A Visual Feast

The exterior of this cottage is equally captivating, with its stucco exterior, brick walkway, and a simple red rail fence. The landscaped front yard, adorned with lush lawns and colorful flowers, creates an inviting first impression. In the fenced backyard, a green oasis awaits, providing a private haven for outdoor enjoyment.

Community Connection

Beyond its own borders, this cottage is part of a community that shares a large common area with a picnic spot under the shade of a majestic oak tree. Here, neighbors become friends, and every gathering is a celebration of unity and the simple joys of life.

Photo Courtesy of Julianalee

A Glimpse into the Past

This charming cottage, with its rich history, is a reflection of a bygone era. Built in 1931, it has weathered the sands of time while maintaining its timeless appeal. The walls of this cottage have witnessed decades of stories, and they continue to stand as silent witnesses to the unfolding chapters of life.

Photo Courtesy of Julianalee

In conclusion, this 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom cottage with its 636 sq.ft. of living space, nestled on a 1,875 sq.ft. lot and built in 1931, may be small in size, but it offers an abundance of charm and character that transcends numbers. It’s a place where dreams take root, where the beauty of simplicity is celebrated, and where the essence of home truly comes alive. This is more than just a house; it’s a sanctuary waiting to be cherished by those fortunate enough to call it home.

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