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Tiny house Le Petit Prince from France

The tiny house Le Petit Prince is the first tiny house we have made with a cover and partial zinc cladding. Zinc is a durable material (lifespan from 80 to 100 years) waterproof, malleable and very aesthetic.

The Blue Cone – Sweden

The Blue Cone is built around ease and simplicity, both when it comes to material choices and design. With its spaciousness and beautiful view, it is a highly appreciated room.

The Traveling Castle Tiny House from France

The tiny house is marked by a bi-material cladding in red cedar and aluminum. A large special window follows the shape of the gable and offers residents a beautiful projection towards the outside.

Tiny House Nano – France

The tiny house Nano is Baluchon's smallest achievement. Its trailer of only 3.3m by 2.3m carries a house that still contains all the comfort.

Tiny House in the Heart of the East Side

Our beautiful, minimalist Tiny House is a comfortable home base for tourists and business travelers. For leisure you are minutes from Lady Bird Lake and in the heart of the East Side entertainment.

Mother Eve Tiny House

Mother Eve Tiny House is a fairy tale themed tiny with every convenience built in. Aptly named after the first female mentioned in the classic biblical story of ancient times; this tiny is an epic beauty!

Amazing Treehouses in Asheville

Take in the rustic, fairy tale vibe of this custom-made treehouse in the midst of towering white oaks. Recline in a rocking chair and watch the sunset over the mountains, or try your hand at some stargazing from the comfort of the deluxe double bed.

Mooble House Mo:1 – Turkey

Humans have lost their bond with nature quiet some time ago. We have created a virtual world, which we believed that consuming more brings happiness.

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