Tiny House on the Isle of Hermitage

Sometimes we want to hide and escape. Our soul looks for a secluded corner, but in fact, we don’t want to get too far away, on the other hand, here we are with our suggestion for a wonderful tiny house where you can stay at such times.

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Although it is in the forest, it is very close to the city.

This cozy 165 sq foot roadside cottage nestled in a wooded area is perfect for those times when we prefer to isolate ourselves.

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It’s on the edge of the forest, away from the crowds, yet only a few miles from the Clinton ferry and a 7-minute drive from Langley.

Thanks to its planned design, the tiny house can accommodate several people at the same time

Inside our tiny house, which welcomes its guests with its covered veranda, there is a wood stove in the entrance area, an electric heater, a stovetop, a mini fridge, a television, a shower and a compost toilet, a mattress sofa, (when opened, it offers the option of a twin bed downstairs for one person).

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In the attic, which is reached by a sturdy and robust staircase made of wooden crates (the stairs are steep when in use), there is a huge double queen-size bed. Thanks to the skylight, it is perfect for a deep and serene sleep under the stars all night long.

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The interior is decorated in a rustic style and has all the basic necessities.

Outside, the covered patio with its comfortable garden furniture, string lights, and rope lights is an excellent option if you want to enjoy your morning coffee or a glass of wine in the evening. There is also an outdoor fire pit, barbecue, a wood-cutting area (to collect and cut your own wood), and a tree swing.

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There is a private parking lot right next to our tiny house. There is also a small backyard.

Here are a few small reminders about the tiny house;

A lock box containing the key is mounted on the door. The code for the lockbox is given to guests along with directions to the property. Since the private driveway of the Tiny House is on the other side of the property, it would be better to follow the instructions.

Photo Courtesy of Airbnb

The composting toilet is easy to use, but it is different from standard toilets, so a manual is provided. It needs to be emptied when the tank is full.

Here is another tiny house that is ideal for solo travelers and couples. You can experience this tiny house for $125 a night and make unforgettable memories.

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