Tiny old house back for $95000

This is the story of how a tiny one-roomed hell, built as a hunting lodge in 1920, turned into a tiny house. When Jessie and Cameron Bell saw this structure, they fell in love. Only two of such old buildings around them lived in the past and wanted to own this house.

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The land on which the building is located was purchased by a contractor and he was only interested in the land. He was considering demolishing the tiny structure. Jessie and Cameron Bell were the bidders for this little build. They bought the tiny structure from the contractor just for shipping costs.

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Relocating the house cost $5000

They bought $31,000 before and moved this tiny building to their land for $5,000. With the growth brought by the years, the house is quite worn and has become the target of pests. This was not at all intimidating for them. The new state of their home was vivid in his eyes.

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Chip and Joanna helped renovate the house

In fact, Fix took over the remodel of the tiny house. He turned this tiny little building of Chip and Joanna into a great little home.

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Renowned interface designers Chip and Joanna have joined forces with Jessie and Cameron to embark on an awe-inspiring journey of chance events. Inspired by the growing “tiny house” movement that seamlessly blends technology and design, the complete transformation of this shotgun house required significant changes both inside and out. Collaborating with the couple, Chip and Joanna combined their expertise to breathe new life into the cottage.

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The exterior of the house has completely changed

The outside of the house has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis under the capable hands of Chip and Joanna. New wooden pillars and antique bricks complete with unpainted cladding adorned the façade. A striking metal roof shimmered in the sun, while an elegant iron railing covered the perimeter.

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As a finishing touch, the wraparound brick skirt, bathed in a dark green hue surrounding the house, accentuates its appeal. The most notable change, however, was the height of the roofline, which paved the way for a stunning loft space with dramatic 20-foot ceilings.

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The tiny house met with technological design products

Inside, the interface designers used their magic to fill the house with cutting-edge and innovative design solutions. The new kitchen’s narrow space posed a challenge, but Chip and Joanna’s thoughtful design choices created the illusion of a much larger space. Large floor-to-ceiling windows filled the room with natural light, while vaulted ceilings added a sense of openness. A sleek, modern ceiling fan mixed the air, creating the perfect blend of comfort and style.

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The penthouse added to the tiny house created extra usage areas

One of the biggest hurdles in the renovation process was finding a suitable place for stair access to the loft. With a touch of brilliance, Chip designed custom retractable staircases that evoke the elegance of a suspension bridge. These ladders could be raised and lowered effortlessly, and when not in use they lead to a storage space that elegantly hangs about 10 feet above the kitchen.

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Cuisine turned into a flavor base

Given the constraints imposed by limited space, Joanna’s design plan deftly put together a generously sized kitchen island complete with integrated interfaces. This multifunctional island has served as the epicenter of culinary delights, where food is not only prepared but tasted, blurring the boundaries between cooking and eating.

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The original woods of the tiny house were reused

Meanwhile, the original pine floors in the main living area have been painstakingly restored and tastefully decorated. Wooden frames replaced the windows, and Joanna’s artistic vision required that they remain unpainted and connect visually with the striking wooden floors. The money spent on the transformation of the Tiny House was $ 95,000

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