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We see and use many new and useful products in terms of creativity in all areas of life.

In the modern era, the introduction of creative ideas into economic areas offers solutions in areas of need. The curiosity and imagination of creative people enable the emergence of incredible products in the areas they need.
Creativity knows no boundaries, and today it appears before us as a tiny house. Have you ever thought that you could live inside a concrete pipe?

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Concrete Pipe Turns into a Tiny House.

Jirina proved that this can happen with her imagination. Turning a 160 cm diameter, 200 cm long concrete pipe into a tiny house, Jirina placed three identical houses in the heart of magnificent nature. She has created a great opportunity for those who want to spend a weekend of relaxation, adventure, and fun.

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Tiny House is very close to the city center

These tiny houses are located 50 km north of Prague and 20 km southeast of Litoměřice, Czech Republic. These tiny houses are built on a large plain in a lush green landscape and are next door to a charming village.

Photo Courtesy of Airbnb

The main material of the tiny houses is exposed concrete pipes used for water or sewage transmission in cities. These pipes, which are wide enough for a person to easily pass through, are fixed on a flat surface. Their orientation is determined by their view.

Great attention was paid to insulation

One side of the pipes is covered with planks made by joining natural wood to create a wall. This wooden plate is fixed to the concrete with a very strong adhesive. Special insulation material is also used with the slabs. On the other side of the pipe is the entrance to the house made of wood and glass

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The concrete is otherwise untreated. Because it is very strong and impermeable due to its area of use. It also looks aesthetically pleasing.

A perfect restroom

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The tiny house is designed as a single room with only a large bed. When you wake up to a beautiful morning in bed, the view from the window in front of you is unparalleled.

Photo Courtesy of Airbnb

Each of these three houses has its own bathroom and kitchen. The kitchen and bathroom are just a few steps away. There are also chairs outside where you can easily spend time, relax or read a book.

Photo Courtesy of Airbnb
Photo Courtesy of Airbnb

If you want to experience a different minimal life and get inspired by this creative house, you can rent the tiny house for $61 a night. Who knows, maybe your creativity will come out too.

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