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Some impossibilities allow human ingenuity to create something unique. A 1920s garage that is now an incredible tiny house is one such example. For a long time it was planned and used as a long and narrow garage, but today it is a modern, functional and pleasant living space.

Photographs courtesy of Airbnb

This tiny house is a 400-square-foot home in Asheville, North Carolina. Considering most similar small houses, the most distinctive feature of this one is that it is a spacious and modest structure.

Photographs courtesy of Airbnb

Don’t let the simplicity of the exterior fool you, because the tasteful and practical decoration of the house is very well-planned for a building of this scale.

The three-story tiny house is 10 feet wide and 15 feet long.

The building material is wood. The tiny house, whose entrance door is reached by a few steps, is painted in a gray color to match the house next to it.

Photographs courtesy of Airbnb

In the tiny house, where large windows are preferred, daylight can be utilized at maximum level, and the interior lighting is quite sufficient in the evening.

Considering the size of the structure, the sitting area at the entrance is quite remarkable with the size of the window, the furniture preferred for decoration, and the mirror detail that provides depth.

Photographs courtesy of Airbnb

The bathroom sink solved in the entrance area is preferred with a cabinet, which is also used as a storage area, and the shower and WC areas on the same floor are in two separate rooms.

Photographs courtesy of Airbnb

There are two separate stairs going up and down differently in the entrance section.

At the end of the staircase leading to the upper floor, we encounter a really spacious bedroom for such a tiny house.

The high ceilings, large windows, queen size bed, chest of drawers and other details are the important axes that provide the spaciousness of the room.

Photographs courtesy of Airbnb

When we follow the stairs downstairs, we reach the kitchen and dining area. You can join this cozy kitchen with many tools such as a refrigerator, sink, toaster, oven, stove, bar-type dining table, and chairs by opening the wooden French door according to the seasonal conditions and enjoying the backyard with a patio.

Photographs courtesy of Airbnb
Photographs courtesy of Airbnb

Not only does it have a backyard, the tiny house also has a large front garden with a usable area.

Photographs courtesy of Airbnb

This tiny house seems a great option for those who prefer a simple and minimalized life.

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