Modern Tiny House in Farm Life

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We continue to discover for you. Our tiny house on today’s tour is from Austin, Texas, USA.

The project that we will tell you today is much more than a tiny house. Village Farm Austin is the project that reminds the village where there are great alternatives for those who want to turn tiny houses into a lifestyle.

Although the project contains many things, it offers a sustainable, environmentally friendly, modern and comfortable living space.

The white color used with the dark color coating on the exterior of the house and the wooden texture used accordingly give the house a simple and modern atmosphere. Another noticeable detail on the exterior of the house is the windows. Many windows are used in the house. Thanks to this feature, the house looks bigger and brighter than it is. There is a large veranda at the front of the house. The sloping structure used on the roof gives an aesthetic appearance when viewed from the outside.

The interior decoration of the house is designed as modern as the exterior. The usage area of ​​the house is 399 sq ft. There is a bedroom, loft, bathroom and kitchenette in the tiny house. The perfect harmony of white color and wood texture in the interior design of the house draws attention. The kitchen includes white cabinets matching the dark countertop, stove, oven and refrigerator. There is a large bed in the bedroom. In addition, plenty of storage areas with barn door-shaped lids were built. The bathroom part is designed to suit the whole house. It has evgenis and a modern toilet and bathroom.

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    came across your website stunning tiny homes up stairs is it possible to have a bit higher for those who wanted a work place. love the design of the tiny farm home.

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