Cute and Beautiful Red Tiny House

In search of a place to plan a visit for breathing in changed environment? Bored of the hectic and repeating routine? Need a change in dull and boring life?

If yes then this article is surely for you.

This article is about the tiny house to have an undisturbed vacation. This beautifully designed tiny red house is located exactly in Bursa, Turkey.

This artistic tiny house is hosted by Varol. And it’s a single storey tiny house. There’re no stairs in the entire house for the first floor. But the tiny house is architected so that you’ve to use stairs for being there in the bedroom.

The capacity of the house can host three guests at any time. And the space is managed in building a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, garden, patio, and a living room.

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The living room of this startling tiny house has a heart-taking Sofa in it with a wooden table ahead.

A beautiful mat is placed in the center of this smartly designed living room. The air conditioner is here to bear with the temperature needs.

The living room leads to the bedroom built elegantly on the roof of the kitchen and bathroom collectively.

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There’s a window in the bedroom from where you can have a view of the great nature spread everywhere outside of the tiny house.

The bedroom has a queen-sized double bed, and in the living room, there’s a comfy sofa that can be used as a bed. So three people can easily enjoy a comfortable sleep and live in this tiny house.

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Bathroom essentials include many items that are given to the guests like a hairdryer, shampoo, cleaning products, hair conditioner, body soap, and shower gel. The guests enjoy hot water for a bath if needed.

The toilet is also devised in the bathroom. It has toilet papers, towels and there’s a section having a shower.

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The kitchen has all the nuts and bolts to serve the guests and feel like home. Guests are freely allowed to prepare meals anytime.

The kitchen of this tiny house may offer to the guests are plates and silver dining ware, a mini-refrigerator, freezer, boiler, and wine glasses.

The demands to experience barbeque in this tiny house are also available every time.

In the kitchen, a corner is set up for having meals and there’s a dinner table, where the guests can surely enjoy the meals.

And one amazing feature that makes this tiny house stand out from others is that pets are allowed here. You need not worry about traveling without your best friends.

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This tiny house is very much far away from the busy life of cities. You can have the environment of the villages there like green fields, pets, and serene atmosphere and all the leisure of the cities.

This whole area is surrounded by animals and natural scenarios, so your pets are not gonna bored in this locality.

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The mesmerizing part of this tiny house is the garden here. And next to this garden there’s a farm where the animals’ sounds make your tour colorful.

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The startling views of the garden and the farm help the guests to relax and enjoy the vacation. This is the major missing of city lives and is filled with worries and hectic routines.

Though it’s not easy to be in the areas where life is a little bit slow as compared to the hasty life of cities. But For having the best soothing trip, areas like these do wonder for the visitors for sure.

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The tiny house has a private Jacuzzi. The Jacuzzi is placed outside the patio. It’s great to have some quality time with the ones you’re visiting this tiny house.

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The incredibly constructed part of the tiny house is the patio. It has a sofa and a table for the guests to dine in under the sky. There’re many options for the guests to enjoy themselves following the way they want.

This tiny house has a fully protected backyard.

The guests can spend evenings in that breathtaking section of the house maintained professionally. There’s a hammock that’s amazing for having an afternoon nap, or the guests can please themselves with the book reading. And the tiny house has a bicycle in it as well.

I hope every aspect of this tiny house is discussed. And you’re very much clear about the services of this tiny house. The bedroom is extremely well-off and the guests really like this section of the tiny house. As this is secluded from the entire tiny house.

The living room is also great. It has TV for the guests to entertain them. Wi-Fi facility is also here. It means this tiny house is a complete package.

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Backyard is covered with grass and is fully fenced. The hammock here is just a blessing. You can go anywhere in the tiny house whenever you want. The garden is calm and quiet where guests can enjoy barbeque, coffee and even lunch or dinner as well.

So what’re you waiting for?

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