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Today we will talk about the tiny Muji smart house. The main basis for the construction of this tiny house is based on the Muji philosophy. The Muji philosophy emphasizes recycling, reducing production, and packaging waste through a minimalist approach that combines modern technology and nature. The authorities say they always value meaningful experiences more than meaningless possessions.

This tiny house is built on a large property. In different areas of the property, spaces have been created for family and friends to bond freely and comfortably. Each house has a small garden.

White is used in most areas of the tiny house to create the illusion of space

The design of the tiny house uses mostly white color to create the illusion of space. This makes the 50 sqm of floor space feel open and larger. 70% of the plot area is dedicated to greenery and open spaces where you can enjoy the sun and cool breeze while having a barbecue party. The tiny house is equipped with a DIY security system controlled through Smart devices, appliances, and Alexa.

It is built on a 50 sqm area with two floors.

The door of the two-story tiny house faces the street. When you enter through the wooden door, you are greeted by a large space. This space is divided into a living area and a kitchen. There is a small handmade armchair in the living area. There are electronic devices placed around to provide all kinds of comfort. All of these devices are selected to be managed by the smart home system.

A counter separates the living area from the kitchen. A very elegant wine rack is placed in the prosaic section just above the counter. The wood texture goes well with the white. You can prepare your meals on this countertop and eat what you have prepared. In the kitchen, there are many cabinets to be used as storage.

The space is used very economically and wisely. In this way, a lot of storage space has been obtained.

A wooden staircase hidden by a sliding door from the side of the kitchen leads to the upper floor. The first area you reach is designed as the first sleeping area. There is a single bed inside. Under the bed, cabinets are placed to be used as storage. White color dominates the design again.

The first of the two sliding doors on your left opens into the master bedroom. When you enter here, you see a bed for two people. The bed is placed on a high platform. Again, most of this platform is filled with cabinets for storage.

The second sliding door leads to the study. In the study, there is a large table where two people can work comfortably. Again, there are many electronics connected to the smart home system to keep comfort high.

If you want to benefit from the blessings of technology in a simple life, this white tiny house can be a source of inspiration for you.

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