Tiny Floating House: Much More Free

There is something romantic about the idea of living in a tiny house boat. Maybe it’s the freedom to pick up and move whenever you want or the simplicity of living with only what you need. Whatever the reason, more and more people are considering this sustainable lifestyle.

Suitable for ecological footprint

There are many reasons to consider living in a small boat house. Benefits include saving on living expenses, being more sustainable, having a smaller ecological footprint, and being able to live a simpler life. You can also have the flexibility to move your small houseboat to different locations.

You can easily go anywhere you want.

Another benefit of this lifestyle is that it can be very liberating and liberating. You can move your tiny houseboat to different locations, which means you can explore new places and meet new people. You can also live a simpler life with less stuff, which can be very liberating.

IMAGE Courtesy of HW Boots Center

Designed independently of the grid

For those who want to live a minimal life much more freely, our tiny house today can be a source of inspiration. It was built on a platform measuring 384 square feet on 16 floats made of polyurethane material.

IMAGE Courtesy of HW Boots Center

The tiny house has 4 round windows insulated with thermal material. There is a 9.9 Hp engine that makes the tiny house float. With its 70-liter fuel tank, you can easily go anywhere on the water.

IMAGE Courtesy of HW Boots Center

Since the tiny house is mobile, it was designed independently of the grid. For electricity, 4 solar panels, each with a power of 310 watts, are used. A 2400-watt inverter is used to convert 12 volts to 230 volts.

Equipped to live in all weather conditions

The tiny house was built to be used in all weather conditions. Electricity is also used for thermostatic wall heaters and hot water. The tiny house has a 50-liter hot water tank and another 1000-liter tank for other uses.

IMAGE Courtesy of HW Boots Center

The first part of the tiny house was designed as a living space. In this section, which is next to the kitchen, modern furniture has a functional and simple design. The kitchen is built on a 120 cm back wall. Electric induction cooker and refrigerator are standard.

IMAGE Courtesy of HW Boots Center

The small corridor passing through the kitchen opens to the bathroom side. The bath is made of insulated wood-like material. The toilet and shower are also standard sizes.

IMAGE Courtesy of HW Boots Center

The design is clever; no space is left idle

The bedroom is accessed through the other door that opens from the small corridor. There is a double bed inside. There is a mezzanine level right next to the bed.

IMAGE Courtesy of HW Boots Center

It is designed as a cabinet under the stairs. Many items can be stored here, Thanks to clever design. The mezzanine section is left to the imagination of the user, and it can be used as a bedroom or as a warehouse.

IMAGE Courtesy of HW Boots Center

If you are very fond of your freedom. This tiny house might be just for you. If you want to own this tiny house, you have to pay 125,277$.

IMAGE Courtesy of HW Boots Center

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