Cozy Tiny House on Skiathos Island

Visiting this island for the first time? Don’t know about the place that may suit your choice? Wanna have a memorable trip? Don’t worry! This is gonna be the right place for you.

This enticing place is located 2 km from Skiathos. Skiathos is the most famous island in Greece of the Aegean Sea. Though this island is not very wide, the number of visitors it entices is great. This handsomely groomed place not only has beaches but covers the lush green pine forest as well.

And this tiny house is exactly existing in Kalivia in Greece. This tiny house is a calm and beautiful place. And Celeste is the place you can desire and may plan visits again in the future as well.

The amazingly designed tiny house is hosted by Giannis. And I must say he’s a great host. If you are willing to have a visit to this house, then you’re gonna pay $58 per night.

But when you pay this you get access to the entire tiny house for sure. No one else is gonna disturb your privacy there. If you’re looking for such a trip, this is the place you’re looking for.

Also, this is an ideal place for couples. And one more amazing thing is that pets are allowed here.

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One thing you’d love about this tiny house is the extreme cleanliness here. All the possible efforts are made for your safe journey, and for that a hygiene environment is vital.

Also if you’re searching for a place where you can spend some time alone or with your partner then this discreet place is waiting for you. You can have the time to refresh yourself and gain the energies you lost during the hectic daily routine.


This tiny house can occupy two guests in it. It has a single bedroom, and there are two beds in the house. The house has a bathroom and a toilet.

There’s a living room and kitchen that opens in the living room as well. This tiny house provides a free shuttle service to the airport. There’s a porch as well, and this tiny house consent you featured parking definitely.


The calmest and cool area of the tiny house is the wide, and green garden that surrounds the whole house. It contains many different flowers and, the most common is red roses, plants, and the grass that cover the entire garden. There’s a bench and a chair for sitting made of stone in the backside of the house.


There’s a seating area outside the house. And a set of chairs and a table is placed here where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and the calm environment of this beautifully developed area.

You can have the fun of a cup of coffee with tranquil views ahead or you can correspondingly enjoy the book reading there as this place is ideal for reading without any distraction and disturbance.

This house also allows you to have a barbeque facility there at night and to enjoy yourself.

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In the living room, there’s an open kitchen. The kitchen covers a stimulating sink and an eye-catching marbled floor. There’re wide and hygienic cabinets. Also, a stove for cooking, and all the pots needed for eating and preparing the meal.

There’s a coffee maker and refrigerator as well. The kitchen has an oven and all the spices for preparing a meal.


A double queen-sized comfortable bed. The room has a three-seater sofa and cushions on it. There’s a table in front of it covered with a sheet. It has a basket for you to place your pens and keys in it.

There’s an Air conditioner for providing you with the best environment in the room according to the weather conditions. There’s a mesmerizing lamp in the room on the stand. It looks dreamy at night.

The light it spreads is obviously soothing. The bedroom also has paintings hanging on the wall.


The bathroom is sterile and sanitized. And you’re provided with the bath soap and shampoo also.

The fixtures of the bathroom include a hypnotic washbasin and a spotless mirror. There’s a towel and a towel stand for use, also a stand for toothbrush and toothpaste is present here. The bathroom has a wooden cabinet and a dustbin too.

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Living room

The interior design of the house is tremendously illustrious. The living room of this tiny house is gorgeously designed. It occupies 2 sofas having cushions on it and a central table. There’re two couches as well in the living room. And a lamp on the stand is worth seeing.

There’re two artificial plants in the pots near the lamp that gives a great feeling during the night. There’s an electric heater in the living room for a comfortable time pass. This is a highly ventilated area of the house.

The wall-sized windows are covered using curtains of white colors. Cleanliness is concerned at a large scale here. And a smart screen TV is fixed on the wall of the living room.

You’re provided with every possible source that may entertain you.

Regarding this article, I’m sure you’d be clearly able to understand this peaceful area and incredible tiny house. And if you’ve decided to visit this island then do book the services of this mind-blowing tiny house.

The services offered by management team here will surely not disappoint you. Safe journey!

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