Old Short School Bus Tiny House

Hi everybody

We continue to explore for you. Our tour today, the old short school bus.

There’s no denying how popular the adventure van trend has become – and that makes sense because putting your house on wheels is one of the best ways to see more of the world. Traveling the world from the comfort of your home is a great experience. In the adventure van that should be in the tiny house.

But while most people turn to tool customizers and / or pre-built instances, some people are a bit more hard-working. In fact, a couple (overhauled WeTravelByBus) turned an old GMC Short Bus into one of the best adventure vans we’ve ever seen. Interestingly, although the owners are from Berlin, this bus actually originated in Lee County, Florida, and judging by its photos, it hasn’t stayed in one place very long since then.

The adventure van is compact but comfortable, this refurbished and customized build looks largely identical to the exterior classic yellow and black paint job, except for the full-size roof rack. However, the interior is a different story – as the seats were disassembled and replaced with things like a kitchen counter, cupboard cabinet, a raised bed, and even a wood-burning custom-made stove. If you need some inspiration to start your own DIY adventure van project, this might just be the ticket.

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